Friday, September 29

Friday is foto day.

New team guy pics up on Mat Howells' page, and that wallride guy Tyler White. Enjoy this extended summer people.

Thursday, September 28

Tyler White is alllllright.

Myself, Tyler, and Dave got all hopped up on energy drinks and went skating tonight. Tyler buzzed his way into this rock to fakie on a death ledge. (don't bother looking for it unless you have 65mm wheels) [o]jay z [o]david took one too.

Wednesday, September 27

Totally epic man.

Here are a few pics from the epic park session of 2006. [o]Brian Douma - kickflip boardslide. [o]Joel Wood - frontside flip. There were boards flipping, sun shining, heels aching, pictures taking, beautiful girls riding skateboards, and a kid with a lizard. More pics to come.

Tuesday, September 26

Pat finally pulls through for coach.

Pat Hooney has new photos up on his page....finally. Thank you Pat. Go to Pat's page now bastard.

The almighty deck gods.

Big news here at the shop. Deck prices have dropped!!! Pro decks are now $75.00, and team decks (logo decks) are $70!!!!!!! Believe it.

Monday, September 25

Police "force"

We all know cops are just terrorists in training, and random police violence is on the rise....but this is just out of this. My favorite part is when 15, that's right 15 police cars were called in, as well as a police helicopter....what the hell is wrong with this world?

Sunday, September 24

Sunday is truly a Sun Day.

Get off the couch and go enjoy this fabulous weather people. Here's Rigo Gonzales doing a mach 10 bluntslide halfway across the wavy pipe, and off the end into the little pocket. I love Rigo. You should love him too.

Friday, September 22

DNA rules the world.

It is my great honour to announce to you and the world, that Kitsch skateboards are now on the wall of DNA skateshop. So come on down and get your shiny new Kitsch deck this weekend and enjoy this marvelous weather we are in for. I'd like to thank Geoff for leaving work early yesterday to get our package in the mail!!! Now that's how you run a company!!!! Thanks Geoff, thanks Russ for making these boards pretty to look at.

Wednesday, September 20

Kitsch bitsch.

Here's the deal. Have you heard about Kitsch Skateboards yet? Do you live in a cave? Well....actually, some of you probably do...all you Gabriola kids. Anyway, it's this fantastical new company started by Geoff Dermer, everybody's favorite canadian plank rider. He asked some weirdo named Russ Morland to do art for the company. Good move on Geoff's part, because Russ has a wacky imagination. And that's something most companies these days are imagination. And fun. This company is so refreshing it makes a can of cola look like saltwater. The team consists so far of Geoff Dermer, Jesse Booi, and Brad Sheppard. What more could you ask for....other than chicks in bikini's cheering you on when you land a trick. The boards are pressed in a top quality wood pressing location, and are pro well as the graphics. So here's the deal....we are going to be one of only a handful of shops in the world to feast our grubby hands on these fine boards early. So if you want a deck that will make you skate like Dermer....well, that's not going to happen....but at least you can try in style.Check out their website for some fun things.

Wrath of the Maniraffe.

Super Ltd. edition Black Russian T-shirts here. And I mean super ltd. Designed by your favorite local english pirate, Russel Morland. Come and feel the wrath of the Maniraffe.

Tuesday, September 19


Tyler has some new photos up on his page. About freakin' time man.Click me to direct you to the place.

Monday, September 18

Indy 500.

Arriving tomorrow are the new Independent stage 9 lo's. Believe it. And the new signature Koston's. If you've never rode independent trucks before...then that's your problem.

Sunday, September 17

For now.

I've got some amazing exciting news to share....but I'm gonna wait. For now here's some pictito's. Brian doing a garbage smith, and the elusive Layne doing a frontside bluntslide. Check out rockin' roll joel in the background...freakin' hilarious.

Friday, September 15

Friday. Yup, it's friday.

Here's our brother from the south...or east, or wherever....Marten doing a smith, and a crooked grind on the uprail of doooooooooom. Pictitos by Rigo "speedy" Gonzalez.

Wednesday, September 13

Stuff. And things of the like.

New Es, and Emerica shoes in. I know you've been waiting for the Leo Romero Emerica shoe. Do you want to skate like Leo? Well you can't, but you can wear his shoes. Come on down. A new colour of the Es Accel, and the Standard. And the Kirchart 4 is here goes fast, so don't hesitate, or hate, or be late.

Sunday, September 10

Oh you know, this and that.

Not much news to report this weekend. I tried not to skate, or think about skateboarding for my two whole days lasted about a day. Apparantly skating on a intensely bruised heel does not help the recovery process...two cheers for Jay, yip, yip. I put up some wicked new photos of Tyler on his page.. Photo's taken by Russ M. The one accompanied by this brilliant blog entry is Tyler doing a wall glider to backwards.

Thursday, September 7

Wednesday pictito.

Mat's a crazy sonofa bitch. Tailslide at McGirr School. They put up a new sign there saying no skateboarding till after 4:30pm..which is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Crappy picture by me. Learning camera's is hard. But I managed to touch up this photo a little bit.

Tuesday, September 5

Stacked. The team that is.

Just when you thought our team couldn't get any couldn't..but we added another amazing skater to the roster anyway. Tyler White is the man. I just added his profile to the squad so check it out. Plenty more photos on the way, that's all I have at the moment. Check it out here sucka.

Monday, September 4

The wait. The learning process. this is how it is....learning how to take photos on a film camera is frustrating. You don't know how much you screwed up till you develop them. I was able to touch up these ones of Joel Wood, but barely. You can still see the trick..that's all that matters. Sorry Joel. Nollie heelflip, and a frontside flip from little hip to big bank of scariness. Joel is getting too good too fast.

Confused? I thought so.

The new issue of Confusion Magazine is in!!!!! It won't last long, so get down to the shop to grab a copy. It's free. Let me say it's a fine issue, and not just because I'm in it...nope, because it's the first colour issue!!!! Three cheers for Confusion. Yip,yip,yip.

Friday, September 1

Friday funstick day.

I get to skate today. I'm happy. I'm funtime. Here's some pics of Rigo, and Mike having some fun at a funtime spot.