Tuesday, November 28

So many awesomes.

We have so many awesome jackets in right now!! Everything to suit your winter needs. We have jackets with fur, jackets with no fur, jackets made of fur, jackets with fish and eagles....okay, that's a lie. We don't have jackets with fish and eagles..but if you want one, I'm sure we can track one down for you. So come on down, it's winter. You're in denial, you need a jacket.

Saturday, November 25

Poopies are my favorite animals.

Mat has some neat new pictures up in his profile. He's craaaaayseeeee. Click here Chancho.

Thursday, November 23

Stay golden Yoshi. stay golden.

Don't forget that there is plenty of new gear in the shop!!!!! Waaay too much gear, so come and buy something. Here's Yoshi modelling some of the great gear in the shop. Yoshi, promise us you'll never put on tight jeans again. Please.

Tuesday, November 21

What do you get when you cross a unicorn and a skateshop?

Something very special arrived today. And no Robbie, I'm not talking about your Emerica shoes.....I'm talking about the Ltd. Edition Russ Morland DNA artist series t-shirts.!!!!!!! I know some of you have been waiting your whole lives for something this cool. So now that the shirts are here, get a life. You can stop asking me when the Russ tee's are going to get here. They are going to disappear fast, and when they are gone, well....they're gone. Forever and ever. And then I'll sell you mine for double the price. So come on down for yours today, they come in three fabulous colours!! Buy all three!! Trade em' with your friends!! Buy one, and complain about how much a t-shirt costs these days!! Support your local artist, and your local skateshop.

Sunday, November 19

Gary and Ace.

Pat and Rigo make an excellent team. They are on a roll of getting some fabulously fantastic photos!!! Here's one of Patches doing a kickflip fakie on the DNA ramp. Way to go boys, keep em' coming. The best part of the photo is me to the left, clapping, even though pat is in the air. Yeah, I don't know either, you figure it out.

Saturday, November 18

Fully Scared.

One more week my little friends. One more week until the Lakai Koston shoe arrives. Be prepared, with your wallets, and your dirty feet...be prepared.

Tuesday, November 14

Feast your eyes.

Feast your eyes on this tasy lick!! It's the new guy in town, Curtis, doing a nollie heelflip. [photo]Rigo Gonzalez.

Monday, November 13

I like my butt.

Here's a new pic to feast your eyes on. Surprise!! It's me!! Playing on the new toy at the north end park. Frontside Hurricane, [photo]Rigo Gonzalez.

Thursday, November 9

Super Pat.

Pat Hooney has a nice pretty new photo on his page. Go to Pats page here bro.

Tuesday, November 7

A message to you Rudy. ska sucks.

The Rudy Crew is hard at work on another video that should be dropping very soon. You can check out the newest teaser HERE. Leave some comments for the boys. The video looks hot. Pure hotness.

Friday, November 3

Tony Tave is pro and you're not.

I guess I can post things that happen outside of our little Island skate bubble. Tony Tave is pro for Circa, and definately deserves it. If you haven't seen his part in "it's time"...then here's your chance...it's on the thrasher website.Thrasher Magazine.

Wednesday, November 1

Skull Skates 30 year anniversary.

So on the suggestion from an illiterate tractor loving moron, I've updated the site. I know it's been whopping total of four days since I posted last, so calm down people, here's an update!! The Skull Skates/Circa 30th anniversary shoe has arrived!!! It's the Lopez 50 shoe, with a nice little Skull Skates hit on the side. For those of you who don't know, PD (founder of skull skates) opened his first shop in Nanaimo, yup, 30 years ago. And it was actually just half a block away from our shop. Skull Skates is a part of skateboarding history, and are still alive and well. Come and get your pair of Skull Skates 30th birthday shoe....there are very, very, very, limited sizes available. And will never be available again. And we are the only shop in town to have them...so don't bother going anywhere else fools!!!!!!!!