Monday, June 15

Veedub 2009.

For those who weren't there for the Veedub 2009 comp, Brandan Soros took home 2nd place.....(although we know he should have got 1st). Brandan threw down tricks in his run that most would consider their best tricks they've ever done, one time. Brandan also threw down in the best trick comps and won himself some tasty cash. Congrats lil' Tom Cruise, keep rippin' Vic a new asshole.

Tuesday, June 9

Concyse all day.

The Concyse site is back in full force.....with daily updates. Check it out here!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 21

Instrumental decks.

New Instrumental decks just arrived!!!! In 7.75 and 8. The artwork was done by our friend Stu Dobell. Get yours now!!! In Victoria at Coastline and Higher Ground, in Nanaimo at AG, in Port Alberni at Lace It Up.

Monday, May 18

Prove yourself sucker.

Time to proove your skills fools! Vic West annual comp. June 6th, be there.....or be a whinny bitch. Put your mouth where your pennies are!!!!

Wednesday, May 13

Fun son.

Dank and Alex Eddy had some fun in the sun. Eat it up yum.

Wednesday, April 29

FnF sucka!!

Matt Macleod and Clayton Groenendyk have teamed up to start a production company called FnF Media. Matt on the shutter bug, and Clayton on the film machine. Check out their blog site, and stay informed!!!

Monday, April 27


Jay Zee has officially joined the ranks of a skateboard veteran by turning 31 this past weekend.

Wednesday, April 22

Gettin' coverage!!!

Matt Macleod did up a nice web article for SBC, check it out!!!! Jamie Collins - blunt fakie on the ramp of death [o] Matt Macleod

Monday, April 20

Lil jason ain't so little anymore.

Jason Riach came to visit us last week for spring break, and we all got an early taste of summer!!!! Frontside ollie - [o] Jay Z

Monday, April 13

Trev is the fav.

So Trevor Ribeyre takes the favorite island skateboarder poll by a long shot!!! New poll, where will Koston end up now that he's off Lakai? I'm calling a very large contract with Nike SB. Here's Trev's Rudy 3 part, courtesy of Chris Gaetz.

Friday, April 10


Eric Timmins and Brandan Soros battle it out at pioneer park. Filmed By Clayton Groenendyk.

Eric Timmins and Brandon Soros Game Of Skate from Instrumental Skateboards on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 8

We are all instruments.

Back to back frontside blunt pics from the Instrumental boys. The new Instrumental website is up and running. Check it out, or you are clinically stupid. Go here dummy.

Monday, March 30

Gettin' down.

Benson gets down to business filming for the new Instrumental / Concyse video.

Saturday, March 21

The scorpion king.

Mike "gnarly" Farley has placed himself on the injured reserves list with a fractured foot. Let's wish him a super speedy recovery. Also, new bitches.

Wednesday, March 11

The whitest guy I know.

Go away cold. Another fine pic brought to you by Rigo and Johns chicken legs.

Monday, February 23

Balls to the wall.

Mat knows how to find and build spots. He's like Jesus meets Christopher Columbus.

Friday, February 20

Bustin' nips.

Spring is just around the corner people!!! So bust those shirts and blast those nips!! Dust off the ol' board and get dirt nasty!!

Sunday, February 15

Jesus money builds amazing indoor parks.

Here's some footage from the amazing indoor park in my old hometown of Medicine Hat Alberta. This comp went down last week. This indoor park is funded by a church......the only way indoor parks seem to stay for jesus.

Sunday, February 1

DNA VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The original DNA video is online and available for viewing. Thank you Dan Kelly!!!!! You can't hate on this chumps, these dudes were doing everything you've already done.....years, and years ago. So suck it up, and say thanks to Dan Kelly for providing the memories!!!!! Go to this link to view!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 8

100% family

Wednesday, January 7

Lazy dayz.

Here's a bit of throw away footage and antics from last summers adventures. Featuring lazy skating from Jaimie Collins, Aaron Sheare, Brad Ormiston, Brett Lawson Colby Spence, Mat Howell, Pat Hooney, Trevor Ribeyre, Sean Hanebury, Brandan Soros, Scott, Drew C., Dan L., Jay Zemanek, Ethan Milais, Andrew Martin, Don Elliot, and Mike Farley.

Vancouver Island Skateboarding 2008 from on Vimeo.

Saturday, January 3

Indoor tonight!!!!

Join Trevor Ribeyre and friends for an evening of skateboarding mayhem. Tonight (saturday jan 3rd) from 5pm-11pm. Entry by donation (Trev paid for it, so let's help him out). Feel free to invite everyone you know, and if anyone has obstacles, the more the merrier. See you tonight!!!!!! And give Trevor a high five for putting this on!! pic - Trevor Ribeyre - switch bs flip [o]Rigo Gonzalez