Wednesday, April 29

FnF sucka!!

Matt Macleod and Clayton Groenendyk have teamed up to start a production company called FnF Media. Matt on the shutter bug, and Clayton on the film machine. Check out their blog site, and stay informed!!!

Monday, April 27


Jay Zee has officially joined the ranks of a skateboard veteran by turning 31 this past weekend.

Wednesday, April 22

Gettin' coverage!!!

Matt Macleod did up a nice web article for SBC, check it out!!!! Jamie Collins - blunt fakie on the ramp of death [o] Matt Macleod

Monday, April 20

Lil jason ain't so little anymore.

Jason Riach came to visit us last week for spring break, and we all got an early taste of summer!!!! Frontside ollie - [o] Jay Z

Monday, April 13

Trev is the fav.

So Trevor Ribeyre takes the favorite island skateboarder poll by a long shot!!! New poll, where will Koston end up now that he's off Lakai? I'm calling a very large contract with Nike SB. Here's Trev's Rudy 3 part, courtesy of Chris Gaetz.

Friday, April 10


Eric Timmins and Brandan Soros battle it out at pioneer park. Filmed By Clayton Groenendyk.

Eric Timmins and Brandon Soros Game Of Skate from Instrumental Skateboards on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 8

We are all instruments.

Back to back frontside blunt pics from the Instrumental boys. The new Instrumental website is up and running. Check it out, or you are clinically stupid. Go here dummy.