Thursday, January 31

Indoor Session

Tuesday, January 29

Too bad.

Why doesn't anybody slalom anymore??....oh yeah....that's why.

Saturday, January 26

Manual trip south.

Here's a bit of the footage from Manual Skateboards trip down to Cali a few weeks ago. Filmed and edited by the Master Chris Gaetz.

Tuesday, January 22


The Port-a-board. Most likely the raddest thing invented since wake skating.

Monday, January 21

Rejoice my minions.

A week of sunshine is upon us. Rejoice.

Saturday, January 19



Wednesday, January 16

New park almost complete!!

Some news on the island skatepark front!! The Campbell River skatepark is almost complete!!! Some of Riv's homies from Lethbridge are on the construction crew, and were spotted at the Courtenay indoor park on Sunday.

Tuesday, January 15

Eppy Six

Episode 6 of the Meridian Tour is now operational......thundercats are GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 9

Fully stocked.

We are once again stocked to the roof with copies of Fully Flared....and they are already flying out the hurry.

Tuesday, January 8


Well, just when you thought Guy Mariano couldn't possibly be any more freakin' phenomenal.....this video was released on the Berrics website....go there and watch it...another level...another level beyond Mariano's previous level.

Monday, January 7

Cold sucks.

Skating when it's freezing cold sucks....just ask the photographer....we all came to the conclusion last night that we could not hack it as a homeless person, unless it was in Florida.

Wednesday, January 2

Ep 5.

Here's the latest installment of the Cannonball Run tour, with stops at Swift Current's amazing new park, and Curtis' home town of Lethbridge. Which includes enough amazing skatepark graffiti that puts Nanaimo's to shame!!