Monday, April 30

Fallen demo.

Fallen demo. May 20th. Stay tuned for details.

Sunday, April 29

Ho yah.

Did you get your first sun burn of the year? We did. Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!

Art Factory.

The Tani and Sarita show was a smash hit. Fun was had by all. The art was rad. The cheese was tasty. All in all it was a success. The art will remain in the back room for a few weeks for those who couldn't make it out.

Friday, April 27

Saturday saturday saturday.

Tomorrow night is Tani and Sarita's art show. 7pm - 10pm. Be there to show your support, or dung beetles will lay eggs in your scalp, and baby dung beetles will hatch and burrow into your puny brain. And I can't help you with that.

Thursday, April 26

Role reversal.

Serious role reversal here. The old guys skate while the young gun takes the photos. Brandans crutches make a nice appearance in the photos though. I think they are doing a kickflip nose stall.

Wednesday, April 25

Pat rules.

I decided to turn the comments back on....but only comments pertaining to the post (which is the point) will make it through. So there. Blah.

Tuesday, April 24


Can't we all just get along?

Full effect.

Spring time is in full effect, and so is "The Timms." Rigo's camera is in the shop for awhile, so I'll do my best to scrounge the vault for new material.

Thursday, April 19

Kitsch has attained super power status.

It's official, Kitsch Skateboards has added Arron Johnson to the list of really really good guys. AJ is the perfect addition to the team, and I'm looking forward to witnessing Kitsch world domination. Oh yeah, there is now Kitsch hoodies, tee's, and caps in the shop!!

Wednesday, April 18

Jelous? I am.

Here's a nice little session from the AntiSocial shop mini ramp.

Bringing way past rad back.

Yes, DNA Skateboard Store is so rad that we get our own secret DC catalogue to order from. Three new styles comin' your way from the "skateboarding exclusive" line from DC. The Colin McKay mid top is amazing in all its patent leather glory. Danny Way is back in action with another pro model. And the Voltron bustin' onto the scene as the first vulcanized shoe with air bags. Not only is the Voltron the raddest name for a shoe, but it has some serious 80's colours to complete the radness.

Tuesday, April 17

Skatin' babies.

Here's Dan Higgins part from Rudy.....from when he was like 4 years old or something. Freakin' amazing for a four year old.

At least your skateboard loves you. Maybe.

Spring is here, buy some new shoes. Your skateboard will love you. The Circa "Ramondetta" is one of the best shoes I've skated. And a new style called the "Ledge", which retails for $85.00. Whaaaaaaaat???? I know, $85.00.

Monday, April 16


Friday, April 13

Pole Jammin'.

Making spots is fun. Finding poles are fun. Pat and John found a pole. Pat and Rigo put it to use.

All mighty jesus and the skateboard gods.

Thanks Patrick for this link....perfect for a pissy day.....except now I want to skate.

Thursday, April 12


Fallen spring gear has arrived, and you want some....the fallen gear I'm talking about, pervert. They even have denim made for regular people now!!!!!

Monday, April 9

Needles and queens rockers.

Pat gets down to business, and unloads some crazy tricks on the "discarded needles bank". Believe it or not, Pat did not colour coordinate his outfit with this spot...purely coincidence....or was it?

Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter, have some ice cream.

Kevin Booker is good. Real good. Really really good.

Thursday, April 5

I know. I'm that good.

New Fourstar clothing has arrived. I know you've been waiting. I know.

Wednesday, April 4

Art is neat.

Tuesday, April 3

Three cheers for girls.

The DNA girls blog page is now officially in operation. Check it out girls. Girls. Daily updates.

Monday, April 2

Girls, girls, girls.

Launching later this week, DNA girls blog page. I figured it's about time to keep the girls in the loop as to what's going on at DNA. They do count for half of our business, so why not treat them to the joyful ramblings from my brain. So tell all your girlfriends....who am I kidding...we're all a bunch of dorky skateboarders..we don't know any girls...well, I'll make the girls blog site anyway, and if you happen to talk to any girls this week tell them to check it out.

Fantastical goodness. (think i used that title already..can't remember)

Holy crap, more shoes. Where are we putting all these godamn shoes? I don't know. The Lakai "french connection" shoes are here. The Kingston 2 (lucas puig), and the Soca 2 (jj rousseau) colourways are in. Please come and buy them, or we'll have to change the shops name to "Nanaimo's Shoe Emporium".

Endless amounts of shoes.

I heard you're looking for a new shoe. Well, here it is. The Vans "demand" Raymond Molinar colourway....that's the new thing....colourways...cheaper payment for the pros. This is a fantastic shoe, and you need it.

Sunday, April 1


New styles of Fallen shoes in the shop now.