Monday, December 31

Happy new year.

Happy New Year from DNA's staff and team!!!! Thanks for all your support in making 2007 an OUTSTANDING year for DNA!!!!! We're looking forward to bigger and better things in 2008. Skate hard.

Friday, December 28


Happy friday people. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. There's a bunch of new pics up in Curtis' profile.

Wednesday, December 26


The new issue of Confusion Media is in shops now!!! Many fantastic items are packed into this issue, including an interview with Curtis Gruninger, and a photographers profile on Rigo Gonzalez.

Tuesday, December 25

Mat's boneless.

Mat comin' at ya with a Christmas time backside boneless.

Saturday, December 22

boxing day,

Friday, December 21


Skating when it's cold is unmotivating....unless you're Mat...then you've got crazy in your blood, and it keeps you warm.

Thursday, December 20

Cream of the Crap.

One of Victoria's finest up and coming skateboarders Matt Gordon has just produced and released a new video called "Cream of the Crap." It features Matt Gordon, Dan Lintaman, Cort Watt, and Alex Eddy. This video rules, and it's only 10 come down and get your freakin' copy now!! Support your local skate scene.

Monday, December 17


Masonite dust hurts your lungs, and your eyes. Jay Z - frontside kickflip out of the extension, while a bunch of babes look on. [pic]Rigo Gonzalez.

Sunday, December 16

Clip of the day.

Soros and Hooney on a cold December day.

UNeK pt 2.

There is also new UNeK girls tops available!!! Dang Joel, lookin' hawt!!!!!

Saturday, December 15


We finally have our hands on some new UNeK clothing!!!! Thank you Joel!!!! The new tee's are magical, so get your grubby paws on one today!! The new UNeK hoodies should be arriving next week. And for those who haven't heard yet, our own Jason Riach has joined the ranks of the UNeK squad!!! Kick ass.

Friday, December 14

Indoor yip yip!!!

We just caught wind that Alternative Groove is organizing indoor sessions this winter!!! Call them for details....390-7433


Some kick arse videos arriving next put them on your christmas wishlists!! Nothing But The Truth, Static 3, and Let's Live are about to rock your world.

Thursday, December 13

Gettin' er done Brandan style.

Make the most of your winters....Brandan has.....he's filmed five video parts already....damn jerk.

Tuesday, December 11

Fully unprepared!!!!

Believe it or not there's only 2 copies of Fully Flared left in the I suggest coming down within the next hour to buy one....but not to worry, we'll be getting more later next week.

Friday, December 7


The Habitat DVD's are HERE!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 5

Monday. Monday.

....looks like the DVD's won't get here until Monday now....if you want to reserve a copy, call the shop.

Wednesday again.

....Russ sent me this video....coolest thing I've seen this week, and it's only Wednesday!!!

Sunday, December 2

....cold. more tasteless overused credit card commercial jokes..I think I upset someone..just a photo...just a photo.