Tuesday, December 16


Join Nik Cowdrey for a free birthday skate part at the Centennial building this saturday!!!!! If anyone has any rails, boxes, ramps, anything....PLEASE BRING!!!!!

Monday, December 8


Just in time for Christmas we present to you the Ipath Fred Gall shoe. If you're a fan of Fred Gall, mid tops, and quality skateboard shoes.....well then, this is your shoe.

Friday, December 5


Ryan and Chase's profiles are now up with some new pics!!! Dylan's will be up soon!!

Tuesday, December 2

Photographic Evidence.

Rigo has a photo show going on until Jan 15th at the BeanTime Cafe in Ladysmith. If you are able to get out there, check it out!!!! A collection of photos of skateboarding featuring the DNA team and friends.

Thursday, November 27

A minute with Soros.

It took Brandan less than 30 mins to get this footage. Bastard. Filmed and edited by yours truly, Jay to tha Zee.

Brandan Soros from jay zemanek on Vimeo.

Monday, November 24


Pick up the new SBC mag to feast your eyes on a juicy photo of Curtis!! And next time you see Rigo give him a high five for getting his first photo published in a major mag!!!! Way to go boyz.

Thursday, November 20

Space being.

Brandan is an alien.

Wednesday, November 19

Qualicum brethren.

Here's some footage of our Qualicum brethren skating the Qualicum park. Shredness. Filming and editing done by Jedi Chris Gaetz.

be there.

Friday, November 14


Pat enjoys a perfect nosegrind on one of our last warm days of the year.

Shit website. But all is well.

As you all know, the Vans website is the biggest pile of shit known to man. So here is the new colors of Authentics we have.

Wednesday, November 12

New Kitsch.

Kitsch has stepped it up for fall/winter with some high quality goodies!!! Vintage tees, embroidered thermals, and embroidered zip ups now in stock!!! As well as beanies and new colours of the 5-panel plaid hats.

Tuesday, November 11

Man sized chase.

Chase scores his first official DNA photo with a man sized kickflip.

Monday, November 10

Maple ridge park.

Here's some snippets I filmed at the new Maple Ridge park with Justin Allain, and Dan Kelly. Shaky camera work and editing done by me.

Tuesday, November 4

New yummy.


Saturday, November 1

Jesse is a maniac.

Jesse can skate anything he wants...even vert ramps.

Stage 10.

New Indy Stage 10 colourways arriving next week. Eat it up yum.

Friday, October 31

Topper upper!!

So lil' ripper Ryan Fox will top off the DNA Young Guns squad. Profiles for all these kidlets will be posted sometime soon.

Wednesday, October 29


Big news from the DNA camp, two new kidlets have been added to the team roster!!! Chase Torrie, and Dylan Timmins graciously accepted the offer to join the team. Both of these young bucks are well rounded skateboarders and have a wicked humble attitude. Team profiles will be created in the coming weeks for these little rippers. Welcome to the family boys!!!!

Sunday, October 26

Alex Eddy.

Some very sad news from the Concyse team front. Alex Eddy was airlifted to the Victoria hospital after being hit by a car. He has a fractured neck, 4 chipped vertebrae, broken shoulder, and 4 broken ribs. An update from his mother this morning says Eddy has now come down with pneumonia over the last night, but is staying strong!!! Eddy is a fighter for all that have seen him on his board!!! So PLEASE everyone send your prayers and an encouraging get well comment for Eddy!!!!!! Stay strong boy!!!

Tuesday, October 21


The new Lakai Jericho 'fully flared' LTD shoe is now in!!!! Get it suckas!!!! Lakai supports skateboarding, so support them!!!!

Wednesday, October 15

Beauty and the Beast.

The Girl / AntiHero tour DVD is now in!!

Friday, October 10

Turkey shreddin'.

Happy turkey weekend y'all!!! Sunshine is in the forcast, so let's get out and shred!!

Thursday, October 9

Kayo goodies.

For the Kayo fans out there we have DGK and Expedition goodies arriving today!!!

Tuesday, October 7


Two colors of the square one have arrived. Blue suede, and the Krooked Bobby Worrest colorway.

Friday, October 3

October 18th.

Thursday, October 2


Awesome selection of new DGK, and Venture tee's in an assortment of colors.

RTS product.

The Fallen "ride the sky" LTD shoes and tee's are now here!!

Wednesday, October 1


Brandan Soros is now on the injured reserves list. He bonked his melon pretty good kickflip back lipping the NDSS rail. Wish him a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, September 30


Oodles of new Girl and Chocolate clothing!!! Tee's, Hoodies, Flannels, Knitted Winter Caps, Belts. Mind explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26


IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Love your feet.

Two of the most functional skate shoes in existence. Come and buy them. Your feet will love you.

Thursday, September 25

blah blah.

...rain rain go away.

Monday, September 22

Hats 30% off!!!!

All hats are 30% off from Monday till Friday this week only!!!!!!

Sunday, September 21


The new Fallen DVD "Ride The Sky" arrives early this week!! It will retail for only $20 !!!....but those lucky few who attended the premiere can snag a copy for only $15.

Friday, September 19


The new 15th anniversary Girl series, and the big Chocolate series are now in!! Dig it!! Yum!!

Thursday, September 18

Delicious A#.

A very limited Alphanumeric shirt has arrived. It comes in three delicious colors - gold, turquoise, and dark purple. There's not many in existence, so pick one up today for $28 bucks!!!!

Friday, September 12


Wednesday, September 10

Ride The Sky

Tuesday, September 9

Don't sleep on this one.

Three more sleeps until the Fallen premiere.

Friday, September 5

The svede.

Mat is back from Sweden. Give him a high five when you see him. Check out some newer pics up on his team page.

Thursday, September 4

Fallen Ltd.

To coincide with the video release, Fallen is releasing super LTD. edition ride the sky shoes. We're one of the lucky ones to receive these. We're bringing in the chief, and the T-Guns mid top. Anyone who attends the premiere at the shop will receive a coupon for 15% off the fallen ltd gear!!!!

Tuesday, September 2

BE THERE!!!!!!

Friday, August 29


Tee's please.

New DNA tees in...here's what they look like.

Tuesday, August 26

4 more.

Four days and counting to the big sale.

Friday, August 22

Sale, sale, sale, food.

Don't forget our big back to school sale next Saturday August 30th!!!! Coinciding with our sale is the Cans Food Festival, where Wesley Street will be shut down and restaurants from all over the city set up booths with tasty food!!! If you bring 2 cans of food to donate, all this tasty food is free!! So come out for some killer deals, and some killer food!!

Wednesday, August 20

Shoes all around.

New shoes to feast on. For those who enjoy a bulkier shoe that will last forever there's the Lakai Monarch 2 that includes a bullet proof toe cap. For those who enjoy to walk in the rain, and splash around in puddles, there's the DVS Transom which is part of the waterproof snow series. A mom pleaser for sure. And for those who enjoy a simple comfortable shoe there's the new DVS Getz 4, Kerry Getz sure knows how to design a comfortable shoe.

Tuesday, August 19

Good clothes.

Tons of new Alphanumeric, Diamond, and Fourstar clothing have arrived!!! Eat it up.

Ride the sky.

We will be hosting a free premiere of the new Fallen vid "ride the sky." Stay tuned for date and time. I've seen the vid, and let me tell you, you don't want to miss this!!!!

Sunday, August 17


New Instrumental decks!!!!!

Saturday, August 16

Matt's snipet.

Here's a little snipet of new Concyse rider Matt Gravel skating the Mill Bay park.

Thursday, August 14


A nice selection of RVCA has arrived today. Fancy clothes for all your fancy needs.

Wednesday, August 13

back to school sale!!!!