Thursday, May 29


For those of you that have been skateboarding long enough to remember Alphanumeric, you'll remember they were one of the dopest (yeah, that's right I said dopest) companies around. Well, surprise!!! They are back on the scene, and are doper than ever!! And DNA is now the proud Nanaimo representative for Alphanumeric!!!! Many thanks to our homie Raj Mehra and Mehrathon Trading for hooking us up with this legendary brand. We are excited to reintroduce the brand to Nanaimo and look forward to good things to come from Alphanumeric and Mehrathon. Most of the tee's are now in the shop, but will be moving very fast, so come down and peep the new gear today!!!!! Check out the Alphanumeric site here, and get a taste of how awesome the clothing is.

Wednesday, May 28


Baker has a Deathwish DVD's are now here!!! 15 buckaroos!!!!!

Monday, May 26


All the new Kitsch tee's are now in!!!! Hotcakes!!!!

Wednesday, May 21

Kitsch is so kitsch.

If you haven't noticed, the new Kitsch decks are in the shop...and they are magical.

Tuesday, May 20


Sunshiney pics.

Expedition Demo.

Monday, May 19

Tees please.

New DNA tee's are now in the shop.

Friday, May 16


New Fallen shoes have arrived today. A new colour in the Billy Marks Bandits, and Tommy Sandoval's debut pro model shoe the "t-guns".

Thursday, May 15


First hot sunny weekend of the spring coming up....cross your fingers.

Wednesday, May 14


The new Emerica Jerry Hsu shoe is in tha house, as well as a new colorway of the Creager.

Tuesday, May 13

Rainy rain.

Some of the new ES summer shoes are arriving this week. Nice time.


Thursday, May 8


The moment you've all been waiting for.....well, at least I Momentum wheels!! Finally!! All your fav's....DeGros, Haslam, wheels ever.

Tuesday, May 6

Vic comp.

For those who don't know, it's the Vic West contest this Saturday May Victoria, obviously. 9am registration.

Rigo is goodness.

Sunshiny goodness all around.