Wednesday, April 30

Hello sunshine.

Happy last day of April. Hello sunshine.

Wednesday, April 23

High five jason.

More DVS arriving this week...and plenty other goodies. Next time you see Jason give him a high five for getting some new photos!!!!!

Monday, April 21


I'm officially boycotting mother nature in Nanaimo..I think we've opened up a portal to the north pole here....or we could just all move down to Victoria, where it doesn't snow.

Friday, April 18

Makin' love.

The weekend is here, so is the sunshine!!! Make love to your skateboards.

Thursday, April 17

Tra la la.

Lots of new womens clothing has arrived...from the likes of Matix, Element, and DC. scope it.

Monday, April 14


There's a new company on the scene that you've probably heard of already...Deathwish Skateboards, which consists of Jim Greco, Erik Ellington, Lizard King, Antwuan Dixon, as well as am's Brian "slash" Hansen, and Furby. Go here to check out the spring catalogue, we'll be getting pretty much all of it in the shop in a few weeks. Dig it.

Friday, April 11

yes, right now.

New Lakai, and DVS apparel on the racks now. Yes now.

Wednesday, April 9

Mehrathon foot.

So it seems Jay's foot injury is getting some lovin' all the way out in Montreal...go to to check out the lovin'. Thanks Raj for the love.

Tuesday, April 8

Kitsch spring.

The new Kitsch Spring 08 product will be arriving in a few weeks. Check out the attached pic.....introducing Geoff, and AJ's debut pro models!!!!

Art show.

Big art show featuring the Dobell brothers at the Concyse headquarters in Victoria this friday night...if you're in the area check it out.

Monday, April 7

Dan is a mystery.

Zero / Mystery spring clothing now's going fast, actually might be gone by the time you read this...but we'll get more.

Friday, April 4

Eddy is goodness.

So many new goodness' in the shop..come and get some goodness in your life.

Tuesday, April 1

New shoes rule, and so does Jesse.

Soooo many new DVS and Lakai shoes in store now!!! Right now!!! They are going fast!!! So no whining when they are gone!!!!