Saturday, December 30

Happy year it was.

Happy new year from us a day early. Have fun at the indoor session tonight, I'm in Vancouver, so make me proud and learn some new tricks, or land some old tricks, or watch some crazy tricks.

Friday, December 29


Finally a dry sunny day. Old man Jay Z dusts off the rusty legs and bags a photo.

Thursday, December 28

The curse of the jay photos.

Following in the footsteps of his mentor, Brandan pulls off a varial heelflip in pretty much the exact same spot I did, almost exactly a year ago, both photos taken by Russ.......creepy. The only difference is this time Russ has way better camera gear. Score: Brandan - 1, Jay - 0.

Wednesday, December 27

Russ is not a useless wooden toy.

So it seems Russ Morland has scored himself a spot in a prestigious art show titled Useless Wooden Toys. The show will feature 27 artists from North America, and Europe, and includes the likes of Natas Kaupas, Chris "dune" Pastras, and Clint Peterson. Each artist custom designs one of these Furni clocks, which will then be auctioned off on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the skate 4 cancer foundation. Not only does Russ' work showcase beside some of the biggest skating legends, and artists of all time, but it is for a fantastic cause. I nod in your general direction Russ. Good work.

Tuesday, December 26

Craaayseee guys.

Gapping out to a ledge is scary enough. But when that ledge is at a 45 degree angle, and the end of it is 6 inches off the ground, it makes it...well....scary. The skaters involved came out unscathed, and Russ came out with some super rad photos. I can't wait till the next session to see what contraption will be constructed....well, in two sessions from now I can't wait...I'll be in Vancouver this weekend.

Monday, December 25

Bored of your board?

A little bit of ingenuity, a little bit of balls, and we've got ourselves some fantastic photos!! I'm only going to put up two today....keep you wanting more godammit. If anyone knows how hard it is to hop on somebody else's board and get used to it....try jumping up on this contraption, like Soros did.

Sunday, December 24

Christmas cheers.

The Christmas indoor skate was a success!!! Thanks to all involved for making this happen!! Huge thank you goes out to Kitsch, Manual, Concyse, Confusion, and 133 Skateshop for donating some awesome prizes!!!! Everyone seemed to have fun. Pat decided to win most of the decks we had for prizes, Soros can skate anyones board, Mat is on our team for a reason. Nanaimo's skate population will now be wearing most of my clothes, thanks to my closet for the generous donation. Thanks everyone for showing your support for Nanaimo's skate scene!!! Have a good Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 23

You choose, you loose.

Don't forget about the indoor skate session tonight. Beban Rec Centre, in the Centenial Building. Starts at 7:30pm. Be there...or, don' there. Your choice.

Friday, December 22

Definately a bigger and better DVD.

One of the best videos of the year has just entered our shop. Bigger and Better Things, a film by some local Vancouver guys. Featuring Sascha Daley, Stash, Stacy Gabriel, Chad Dickson, and plenty more, I'm not joking when I say this is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Stacy Gabriel will blow your mind!!!! He does tricks on the hotspot ledges that your brain can't even comprehend. Come on down for a copy, it's only $24. With bonus features that are basically full extra parts from each rider, the 24 bucks is more than worth it.

Thursday, December 21

...and you think you've had some bad slams.

Anyone who appreciates how gnarly Pat Duffy is,

check out this link. He recently tried the super jump at Bob Burnquist's house, and made it, but when he hit the 25 foot quarter pipe he bailed to flat....and well, by the video, it looks as though his leg exploded.

Wednesday, December 20

Skate for Santa 2006.

Don't forget about the indoor session on saturday December 23rd, 7:30pm sharp. We will have free pop, and some chips, and stuff to give away for prizes. It will be funtime. I repeat, Saturday December 23rd, 7:30pm, at the Centenial building....if you don't know where it is, call DNA for directions.

Tuesday, December 19

Pic of the day is back on bitches!!!

Brandan "the face" Soros has some serious transitional skills. Seriously. Check out the back leg, some serious ninja skills involved here.

Monday, December 18

Combo number one.

The indoor session on Saturday was funtime. Check out these two radical pics. Mat is crazy. Pat is crazy. It's the Pat Mat combo.

Sunday, December 17

Rock n' Roll Nanaimo.

A huge thanks for everyone who turned up for the indoor session last night. It was a huuuge success. About 35-40 people came out to support the first winter session of the year!!! Thanks to everybody who donated a few extra rails and boxes this year, it worked out well considering the big turn out. Don't forget that next week is the Christmas skate. Saturday December 23rd. The session will be free for those who came out last night. First time attendees will pay their 5 bucks. We will have pop, chips, prizes, and other goodies for the Christmas skate. I'll get some photos up later today from last nights session.......if Rigo lets me see them...haha.

Friday, December 15

The nightmare.

It's that time of year again. Yes, Christmas, and the UNeK clothing extravaganza. The back room will transformed into the UNeK clothing blowout!!! It'll be crazy!!! Pat will be dancing naked, eating chips and cola. Scott will be yelling at kids. Dave will be playing solitaire. And Jay will be having a nervous breakdown. It'll be great. It starts December 22nd, and goes till the 24th. So don't miss out on some dirt cheap UNeK gear!!!!

Wednesday, December 13

It's on bitches.

Three more days kiddies!!!!! Indoor sessions are back on!!! It's on bitches!!! So come out and support your local skate scene. Or come out and skate with your local scenesters, your choice. 5 dollar admission will get you three hours of skating.

Sunday, December 10


The new DNA hoodies have arrived!!! You can stop phoning the shop about them now. Seriously. We have five new delicious colour combonations to satisfy your DNA hoody fever!!! But they won't last come and get yours now!!!! 50 bucks will get you this tasty treat.

Friday, December 8

One day and counting.

One more day. Till the giant sale. Cheap stuff. Last pair shoes starting at 25 bucks, t-shirts starting at 10 bucks, hoodies for 20 bucks, new product on sale up to 30% off!!!!!! I know, we're freakin' crazy. So we'll see you there. And starting at 6pm is the art show extravaganza. Art by Jennifer Moisan, Russ Morland, and tunes by DJ Chuck Norris.

Thursday, December 7

No cry babies allowed.

...just a side note, and a reminder about the upcoming indoor session season. Nobody, I repeat nobody will be getting in without paying the $5.00 admission fee. No fronting, no pleading, no crying. So take some bottles back, don't spend your allowance on cigarettes, come and play us a game of Yahtzee for money, do some chores, get a job. There are many ways to obtain 5 dollars. Do it. First session is in one week and two days, Saturday December 16th.

Tuesday, December 5

Brian Douma approved this ad.

New Vans in stock for Christmas. The new Anthony Van England shoe is one of the most functional skate shoes I've seen in a long time, well....since the Rowley squares came out. And guess what? We have a new colour of the Rowley squares in stock too!!! As well as the Rowley Classics. If you haven't tried on any of these shoes, well, that's your problem. It's time to do what your feet tell you people, put some great shoes on them. Good ol' fashion skate shoes. Brought to you by Vans.

Friday, December 1

Cozy time.

The new I Path fuzzytime collection has arrived at the shop. You want to impress the ladies this holiday season? Well, you probably won't be able to, but a pair of these fabulous shoes will cheer your spirits. So come on down and slip your feet into these cozy collectables.

We're completely insane.

We are having a giant "pre-boxing day" sale on December 9th. The sale will run all day. Starting at 6pm we are hosting an art show by Jennifer Moisan, and a special live painting being done by Russ Morland. DJ Chuck Norris will be spinning live music, and there will be free coffee and finger foods. So tell your parents, tell your friends, bring a friend, bring your parents. It's going to be crazy, so I suggest coming early, and bringing lots of money.

Tuesday, November 28

So many awesomes.

We have so many awesome jackets in right now!! Everything to suit your winter needs. We have jackets with fur, jackets with no fur, jackets made of fur, jackets with fish and eagles....okay, that's a lie. We don't have jackets with fish and eagles..but if you want one, I'm sure we can track one down for you. So come on down, it's winter. You're in denial, you need a jacket.

Saturday, November 25

Poopies are my favorite animals.

Mat has some neat new pictures up in his profile. He's craaaaayseeeee. Click here Chancho.

Thursday, November 23

Stay golden Yoshi. stay golden.

Don't forget that there is plenty of new gear in the shop!!!!! Waaay too much gear, so come and buy something. Here's Yoshi modelling some of the great gear in the shop. Yoshi, promise us you'll never put on tight jeans again. Please.

Tuesday, November 21

What do you get when you cross a unicorn and a skateshop?

Something very special arrived today. And no Robbie, I'm not talking about your Emerica shoes.....I'm talking about the Ltd. Edition Russ Morland DNA artist series t-shirts.!!!!!!! I know some of you have been waiting your whole lives for something this cool. So now that the shirts are here, get a life. You can stop asking me when the Russ tee's are going to get here. They are going to disappear fast, and when they are gone, well....they're gone. Forever and ever. And then I'll sell you mine for double the price. So come on down for yours today, they come in three fabulous colours!! Buy all three!! Trade em' with your friends!! Buy one, and complain about how much a t-shirt costs these days!! Support your local artist, and your local skateshop.

Sunday, November 19

Gary and Ace.

Pat and Rigo make an excellent team. They are on a roll of getting some fabulously fantastic photos!!! Here's one of Patches doing a kickflip fakie on the DNA ramp. Way to go boys, keep em' coming. The best part of the photo is me to the left, clapping, even though pat is in the air. Yeah, I don't know either, you figure it out.

Saturday, November 18

Fully Scared.

One more week my little friends. One more week until the Lakai Koston shoe arrives. Be prepared, with your wallets, and your dirty prepared.

Tuesday, November 14

Feast your eyes.

Feast your eyes on this tasy lick!! It's the new guy in town, Curtis, doing a nollie heelflip. [photo]Rigo Gonzalez.

Monday, November 13

I like my butt.

Here's a new pic to feast your eyes on. Surprise!! It's me!! Playing on the new toy at the north end park. Frontside Hurricane, [photo]Rigo Gonzalez.

Thursday, November 9

Super Pat.

Pat Hooney has a nice pretty new photo on his page. Go to Pats page here bro.

Tuesday, November 7

A message to you Rudy. ska sucks.

The Rudy Crew is hard at work on another video that should be dropping very soon. You can check out the newest teaser HERE. Leave some comments for the boys. The video looks hot. Pure hotness.

Friday, November 3

Tony Tave is pro and you're not.

I guess I can post things that happen outside of our little Island skate bubble. Tony Tave is pro for Circa, and definately deserves it. If you haven't seen his part in "it's time"...then here's your's on the thrasher website.Thrasher Magazine.

Wednesday, November 1

Skull Skates 30 year anniversary.

So on the suggestion from an illiterate tractor loving moron, I've updated the site. I know it's been whopping total of four days since I posted last, so calm down people, here's an update!! The Skull Skates/Circa 30th anniversary shoe has arrived!!! It's the Lopez 50 shoe, with a nice little Skull Skates hit on the side. For those of you who don't know, PD (founder of skull skates) opened his first shop in Nanaimo, yup, 30 years ago. And it was actually just half a block away from our shop. Skull Skates is a part of skateboarding history, and are still alive and well. Come and get your pair of Skull Skates 30th birthday shoe....there are very, very, very, limited sizes available. And will never be available again. And we are the only shop in town to have don't bother going anywhere else fools!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 27

Godamn shoes.

So many godamn shoes here now. Please come and get some.

Thursday, October 26


Epic bowl sessions going down lately. I am a bowl local now. I wasn't jumped in though. [o]Pat Hooney - 360 flip, [o]Jay Z - Varial Kickflip. Pics by the fabulously magnificent Rigo Gonzales.

Monday, October 23

Dan Kelly for city council.

So it seems we are in for some radical changes at the north end park!! The perimeter of the park is being considerably extended to allow the skating of previously unskateable objects. Also the five stair rails are going to be replaced with rails that are skateable!!!! And the new asphalt will come up high enough so that skating over the five stair rails is possible. You can all thank Dan Kelly, give him a big hug, because he is up there as I write this supervising the construction. There is also talks of getting some new concrete benches with angle iron....believe it. We love you Dan Kelly.

Soros for president pt. 2

Brandan Soros will be leaving Tuesday for the big city. Big city lights, big city women, big city dreams. His dreams of becoming a first rate male hooker. Good luck to ya Brandan, and you will be missed. I'll be over to skate with you every weekend.