Friday, October 31

Topper upper!!

So lil' ripper Ryan Fox will top off the DNA Young Guns squad. Profiles for all these kidlets will be posted sometime soon.

Wednesday, October 29


Big news from the DNA camp, two new kidlets have been added to the team roster!!! Chase Torrie, and Dylan Timmins graciously accepted the offer to join the team. Both of these young bucks are well rounded skateboarders and have a wicked humble attitude. Team profiles will be created in the coming weeks for these little rippers. Welcome to the family boys!!!!

Sunday, October 26

Alex Eddy.

Some very sad news from the Concyse team front. Alex Eddy was airlifted to the Victoria hospital after being hit by a car. He has a fractured neck, 4 chipped vertebrae, broken shoulder, and 4 broken ribs. An update from his mother this morning says Eddy has now come down with pneumonia over the last night, but is staying strong!!! Eddy is a fighter for all that have seen him on his board!!! So PLEASE everyone send your prayers and an encouraging get well comment for Eddy!!!!!! Stay strong boy!!!

Tuesday, October 21


The new Lakai Jericho 'fully flared' LTD shoe is now in!!!! Get it suckas!!!! Lakai supports skateboarding, so support them!!!!

Wednesday, October 15

Beauty and the Beast.

The Girl / AntiHero tour DVD is now in!!

Friday, October 10

Turkey shreddin'.

Happy turkey weekend y'all!!! Sunshine is in the forcast, so let's get out and shred!!

Thursday, October 9

Kayo goodies.

For the Kayo fans out there we have DGK and Expedition goodies arriving today!!!

Tuesday, October 7


Two colors of the square one have arrived. Blue suede, and the Krooked Bobby Worrest colorway.

Friday, October 3

October 18th.

Thursday, October 2


Awesome selection of new DGK, and Venture tee's in an assortment of colors.

RTS product.

The Fallen "ride the sky" LTD shoes and tee's are now here!!

Wednesday, October 1


Brandan Soros is now on the injured reserves list. He bonked his melon pretty good kickflip back lipping the NDSS rail. Wish him a speedy recovery.