Tuesday, July 31

Good times.

The bowl jam was a success!!! About 50 people turned out for the festivities. Plenty of hotdogs and pop were served, plenty of crazy tricks went down, and Zak Allison wins the prize for best sweater of all time. Huuuuuuge thanks goes out to Craig Williams and the rest of the Meridian Distribution posse for making the stop in Nanaimo and supporting skateboarding, you guys rule!! A special thanks to Serita for supplying us with the BBQ!!!!!! We didn't blow it up, so that's good. Thanks to all the Nanaimo locals for coming out and showing your support for the local scene. Good times, good times.

Friday, July 27

BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, July 26

John for new mayor.....Scott has been executed.

Thank you John for this link!!!!! I am going to go skate because of this....even though my feet are bruised from some stupid stair jumping.

Scott for mayor.

.......Scott knows what's up....give that man a raise!!!!!! yeah.

Tuesday, July 24

Fine boys.

Some fine skateboarding in Vancouver by some fine chaps. The sunshine is back!!! Get yer asses off the couches and go skate.

Monday, July 23


One week until the bbq jam at the bowl. July 30th, at 2pm....be there foo.

Friday, July 20

Freakin' summer.

*******IMPORTANT************ For those traveling to Tsawassen for the DC Regionals comp, be advised the forcast is for rain....boooooo. The alternate date is for Sunday July 22....which also might rain. In that case, I'd advise calling Westbeach Skateshop at 778-998-3324 for information...they are the sponsoring shop.

Thursday, July 19

Fully prepared.

Wednesday, July 18

..and you thought you had mini ramp skills.

....if you haven't seen this....then see it.


The one month countdown has begun. Anyone who is entering the video contest please email the shop ( dna_sk8@shaw.ca ) and I will send you back the entry form. Werdup.

Tuesday, July 17

Free stuff. ya'll love it.

We are pleased to bring you another fine skate jam brought to us by Meridian Distribution. It will be a fun day of skating, BBQ'ing, and prizes. It will take place July 30th at 2pm, at the BOWL. You heard correct, AT THE BOWL!!!!! How can you pass up free hot dogs, and good skateboarding??? That's right, you can't. Bring your hot moms too.

Sunday, July 15

Vahid week comes to a close.

I thought I'd finish up Vahid week with another beautiful shot of a smith grind....courtesty of Russel Morland.

Friday, July 13


Happy Friday the 13th. Also known as the day after Vahid's birthday. Happy birthday brutha.

Thursday, July 12


It's another scorcher, drink lots of water.

Wednesday, July 11

RVCA demo. Be there.

Vic West RVCA demo this sunday July 15th,5pm.!! Austin Stephens, Cairo Foster, Ed Templeton, Spanky, Josh Harmony, Keegan Sauder, Leo Romero.....it doesn't get any more stacked than that!!! It's worth the trip just to watch Keegan skate the bowl.


It's go skate and don't pass out day.

Tuesday, July 10


I came across some old Jake Rupp footage from almost 10 years ago. Check it out, he rules. You rule too.


Some news for you today. Mike Hastie has been added to the Kitsch Skateboards roster. Yeah Kitsch!!!!!! bitsch.

Monday, July 9


Congrats to Jason Riach for placing 2nd in the Tofino contest July 1st!!!!!! Yay Jason!!!! Jason is away in Calgary this month shredding his old city to bits. In a few weeks I'll announce some exciting new team additions!!!! Hint hint.

Friday, July 6

...just to clear things up....this is a contest for PRIZES. There's a bit of confusion.....make a video, and win free stuff. That's it, that's all.


Here's a few pics from the Kitsch demo. I forgot to give a huuuuuge special thanks to Andy Galloway for driving home and getting a microphone and amp for the demo. Soooo awesome!!!!!

Thursday, July 5

Wicked awesomeness.

A huuuuuge thanks to Geoff Dermer and the rest of the Kitsch team for coming to Nanaimo!!!! Round of applause please. It's too bad half of the team was injured, but that's how tours go....usually by the end, about half of the skaters are out of order. But it was an amazing time regardless. A special thanks to Russ Morland for bringing Kitsch Skateboards into our skate scene.

Tuesday, July 3

So goodness.


Sunday, July 1

Happy day Canada.

Me and Rigo celebrated Canada Day by riding our skateboards. Happy birthday Canada. You make great skate spots.