Thursday, August 30

Very Instrumental.

There's a kick ass new company on the local scene. Instrumental Skateboards was born from the brain of our homie Brandon Wells, who has spent the last couple years making his dream a reality. The decks come in 3 sizes to suit your needs. Things are just getting started for Instrumental, but already island legend Jamie Collins is headlining the team. As well as Eric Timmins, Shawn Hanebury, and Kris Hemmi, getting some flow at the moment. Come and get your deck at the shop today...they are going fast....and for $65....ahhhh yeah.

Tuesday, August 28

TWO more sleeps.

TWO MORE DAYS SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26

Sunshiny sunday.

Happy Sunday. Let's skate.

Saturday, August 25

Wednesday, August 22

Rejoice my minions.

Sunshine is back. Let's rejoice. Let's also rejoice that Vahid nollie flipped in the rain.

Tuesday, August 21


Please weatherman bring us some sunshine.

Monday, August 20

Video comp. is the rest of the video entrants in the order that they placed in the video contest.

#2. Johnny Fulton

#3. Andy Galloway

#4. Eric Timmins

#3. Benny

Saturday, August 18


So the results are in. Cody Desorcy takes home the grand prize (video posted at bottom of post)!!!!! Thanks to all who submitted a video (I'll post everybody's videos on the site throughout the next few days), and thanks to all the sponsors who donated some awesome prizes!!!!!!!!!! Come to DNA to claim your prize pack, I'll try to contact all of you if you haven't already seen this post.

Thursday, August 16


Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry for the video contest on time. We will be picking winners tonight most likely and announcing them by the weekend.....basically everybody wins, and will get a nice prize. So thanks to all those who had the motivation to partake.

Wednesday, August 15

Slash this suckas!!!

If Slash entered the DNA video contest I would have voted for him...but he didn't.

Uhhhhhh, yeah.

Well, the video contest has come to a close....and the response was nothing short of....well....what we'd expect from Nanaimo. So if anyone wants to submit a late entry today, let er' rip.

Saturday, August 11

Passin' me by.

Wednesday August 15th is the deadline for the video late entries.

Seattle is tasty.

City Skateboards in Seattle......tasty spots.

Friday, August 10

.....if only.

.....if only there was a place where BMX'ers and those dangerously out of control mountain bikes could roam freely and a perfect world a perfect world.

Thursday, August 9

Sunday, August 5

Skate skate skate.

It's a long weekend, get out and skate. Yes, you too Russel.

Friday, August 3

ah ya.

DNA is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Diamond Supply Co, Fillmore, and Ace trucks. The Diamond tee's are going to go fast, so come down and snatch one up now!!!!! Like right now!!!! And a new addition to the Diamond family is Ace Trucks, come check them out too!!! Now.

Thursday, August 2

Just begun.

Well, summer is officially half over and it's 2 weeks until the video contest closes. So get yer' asses in gear and skate.....and film it, and submit it to us.

Wednesday, August 1

Rigo is a skateboarder, not a computer technician.

Yay!!!!!! Rigo finally has his computer up and running, and this time he's not going to wipe out the hard drive!!!! Three cheers!!!! To celebrate, here's a few pics from the RVCA demo in Victoria a few weeks ago.