Sunday, September 30


....booooo winter....thank god for old warehouses.

Friday, September 28


Mr. Brandan "little cruise" Soros turns the ripe age of 19 today. Happy birthday brother.

Thursday, September 27


.....don't punch the hurts, and you look like an idiot.


Fall is here, but there's still plenty of skating to be done, so do it.

Wednesday, September 26

We're gunna need a montaaaaage!

Graeme sent me this little doozy of a Montage....I think him and Brad made this....good little vid guys. We're gunna need a montage!!!! Oooohhh yeah, a montage.

Monday, September 24

Free schwagg.

So a day after I paid 7 bucks for the new SBC mag, we received 40 copies at the shop...go figure. If you haven't picked up your copy from a convenience store, come down to the shop for a copy.....and oogle at Curtis' flawless back noseblunt.

Friday, September 21

Well deserved.

...guess who's pro now.....obviously. Wade's decks will be in the shop early next week.

Thursday, September 20


A few new photos added to Danny Higgins' well as some new additions to everyones pages.

Nice time.

Go pick up the new SBC for some awesome photos of Magnus skating our local Georgia Ave hotspot!! Also Curtis has a photo in there from his summer tour....sooo nice.

Tuesday, September 18


There's a ton of new skate supplies in the shop this week, including Silas-baxter neil's debut pro model from Habitat!! There's still some great weather ahead of us for this month, so grab a new deck this week!!!

Man child is growing up. anonymous person informed me in a not so polite way that it's Marten's b-day today. I make an honest attempt at remembering EVERYBODY'S birthday in the entire skate community, but sometimes it doesn't work out so much. Happy birthday Marten.

Monday, September 17

Enjoy it.

....get out and enjoy the last few days of summer people!!!

Sunday, September 16

Damn you sunshine.

Brandan, like the rest of us, is sad that summer is over.

Saturday, September 15


Little fullpipes are the scariest.

Sheer madness.

Here's a beauty of a video from the Vancouver Plaza Summer Ends Skate Jam.....I'm pretty sure Stacy Gabriel is the most talented human on earth.

Friday, September 14

Skillz to pay the billz.

...take see, when you actually give people the respect you want to receive as a skateboarder great things can be accomplished. 10 minutes of schmoozing by Rigo and the signing a waiver form bought us an hour at this spot.

Thursday, September 13


Mat had never done a 5.0 on a rail Rigo knew of a perfect one to learn on. Throw in a gap, and a narrow take off, and you've got yourself one hell of a first 5.0.

Tuesday, September 11

Check yer head.

Now here's a guy who knows that skateboarding is all about the fun and the love, Graeme Martin comin'atcha with a fantastic Rigo G photo!!

Monday, September 10

Tasty treat.

Here's a tasty treat for this fine sunny day.

Friday, September 7

Shop duh.

Don't forget to come out to the art show tomorrow night at 8pm. At the shop duh.

Monday, September 3

Summer is over......single tear.

Well, summer is officially over. Hope y'all made the best of it.