Saturday, June 30

Brandan got kidnapped.

The Kitsch tour kicked off today, with a quick stop in Nanaimo and a quick hello at DNA. They decided to kidnap Brandan Soros for the tour, so let's wish him the best and we'll see them on Wednesday July 4th at 4pm!!!!!!!!! Pioneer there!!!!


Some strange and mystical new things have arrived from our good friends of Supra Distribution.

Friday, June 29

For John.

Black and White.

The long awaited Mystery video "black and white" arrives at the end of July. And for those who haven't heard, Sascha Daley is riding for Mystery now. He just finished up a tour with the Mystery/Zero squad down south.....fuck yeah Sascha!!!!

Thursday, June 28


Russ Morland has created a line of super limited edition LURK tee's. New prints are on the way, and there are a few left of the ones I am male modeling. If you are interested in these tee's shoot Russ an email.

Sunday, June 24

DC comp.

The DC comp finally took place yesterday at Pioneer Park. The weather held out surprisingly long enough for the contest to take place. The heavy winds played a huuuge factor in everybody's runs, making it VERY difficult to skate. Everybody skated the best they could in those crappy conditions. Marten and Robbie managed to put together the most solid runs of the day earning them 1st and 2nd place respectively. (remember, it doesn't matter how many hard tricks you TRY during a's how many you LAND)Thanks to Pryce and Alternative Groove for throwin' down some prizes, and a huuuuge thanks to Chris Barfoot (city youth coordinator) for supplying a sound system and understanding that skateboarding is here to stay

Friday, June 22

Be there fool!!!


Thursday, June 21

Crazy time.

Here's Vancouver's game of s.k.a.t.e finals, Brad Sheppard, Magnus Hanson, and Paul Trep...Magnus is unstoppable!!! Stay tuned later today for an exciting announcement!!! Seriously mind blowing.

Wednesday, June 20

That new summer smell.

Summer is officially here, that means new product!!!!! Two killer new styles from Lakai have arrived. Brandon Biebel's debut pro model, as well as "the channel" are in the shop now. Come check em' out.

We love you weatherman scott.

Weatherman Scott has informed us that sunshine is in the forcast for Saturday, DC comp day!!!!! Yip yip wooooo!!!!!! So get practicing those runs my's going to be a good one. The contest will begin at 1pm, but you'll want to arrive earlier in order to practice. See y'all there.....oh yeah, tomorrow June 21st is GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.........SO GO SKATEBOARDING....THAT MEANS YOU TOO SCOTT...AND DAVE.

Monday, June 18

DC COMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The DC comp will be scheduled for this Saturday June 23rd,1pm, WEATHER PERMITTING!! If it gets rained out, then it will be at a later date. Not to worry though people, there is no rush to get this comp out of the way!!!! The Provincial round doesn't take place until July 21st, so we have plenty of time....damn rain.

Friday, June 15


Well, it looks like we might be in for another fantastic weekend of RAIN!!!!!!!!! The DC comp might have to be postponed until a later date....keep checking the wesite throughout the day, and tomorrow morning for more information. We'll have to see how the weather is tomorrow morning, and take it from there.

Wednesday, June 13

Tuesday, June 12

File # 18. (classified)

When you find a spot that makes you pee your pants in excitement when you discover it, you tend to want to keep it a secret. Especially when it's a transitioned bank that could very well have been imported from California.


Well, it seems Newline Skatepark Creations has done it again! This time Prince Albert Saskatchewan is the recipient of an amazing skatepark. Yes, that's Prince Albert, population 42,000.....just over half of Nanaimo.....not sure how they budgeted a $500,000 project...but they did...and it's being built as I type this.

Enlist now!!!!!

If you want to register early for the DC comp on Saturday, you can do so online or come down to the shop, or up at AG...if you are under the age of 19 you will need your parents signature....yeah, yeah, I know, them's the rules, just do it.

Saturday, June 9

Double J's.

Here's some pics to cheer you up on a crummy day.

Friday, June 8

Orange lego block madness!!!

This is a reminder for the DC Nationals qualifying contest taking place on June 16th. That's one week!!!! Let's rally up a bigger turn out than last year!!! I'll post more details as I receive them. But until then, skate your face off...well, not literally.

Thursday, June 7

Ain't no Kitschen sink.

Another round of Kitsch products should be here for the weekend. Yaaazoooooowwwww!!!

Wednesday, June 6

More Ted.

These fantastic new products will be arriving before the weekend. Yay Ted!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5

Dan is man.

We love crime.

What a better way to spend a Saturday morning than dealing with a break in? Nah, I can't think of anything better either. Jerks.

Saturday, June 2

Beady eyes feast on this!

Hope everyone is having a skate filled weekend. Myself and Rigo are heading over to the mainland tomorrow to skate with Ben Degros and the Dan Kelly, so we'll have some fresh exciting photos for you to feast your beady little eyes on soon. Go learn a new trick

Blue skies. All good.

The weekend is here....and there's nothing but blue skies in sight...let's get out and skate.