Wednesday, February 28

Single tear.

Boooooooooooooo snow.


Check out Brandan's part in Rudy 3, in the shop now, for only 15 bucks.

Monday, February 26


Rudy Tres is now in the shop!!!!! So come and buy your copy now!!! It's only 15 bucks!! You can't download it off youtube either, so you're screwed!!! I just finished watching the vid. Wowee wow zee woo wow. Fantastico. Good job boys....there's even a quick cameo from some guy that looks exactly like me doing a horrendously ugly bs 180 over the georgia ave rail. So get your copy now....they won't last long.

Thursday, February 22


RUDY 3 premiere Saturday night, 8pm. The Qualicum curling rink....I don't know where it is...ask Pat.

Sweet lovin'.

It's sunny today. Go make love to your skateboard.

Tuesday, February 20

Pat for boss.

Next time you see Pat, kiss him. We will now be lovers once again with a large orange plastic object.....a barricade you idiots. Pat made it happen through his connections within the Nanaimo mafia. Thank you Pat. If this one goes missing, there's going to be a shitstorm of shit flying.

Medicine what?

Some of the skateboarders from my homeland of Medicine Hat(yes, it's a real place)recently went to Mexico to build a new house for a poor family. If you guys want to know how to gain the respect from your community, and city officials, that are possibly going to build another park in the south end, this is how it's done. Take charge kids, do something like this. Do something. Do anything. Check out the story of the Medicine hat kids HERE Pretty cool stuff.

Saturday, February 17

It's always sunny at the ramp.

Enjoying the rain? I was last night.

We're gonna fight.

Go to , read about the cause, and sign your name to the list.

Friday, February 16


One thirty three skateshop launched their new website this week. Check it out.

Tony toni tone.

City Skateboards released Tony Montgomery's part from "crime in the city". Wow. Wow. This guy is amazing.

Thursday, February 15

Dig it.

Wednesday, February 14

That's my boy!

It seems Brandan Soros is making an appearance on the Kitsch Skateboards website. Well done my boy. Well done. It also seems he'll be resting his feet in DC Shoes courtesy of Jer Ricketts and DC Canada!!!! Expect to see a new fire lit under Soros' ass.


Some nice new Kr3w clothing has arrived. And since they don't update their website, I present you with my artists rendition of this fancy new apparel.

Monday, February 12

Rigo is my main man.

There are spots everywhere in Nanaimo, you just have to open those eyes. Look beyond the dreams of finding perfect stair sets, and ledges....cause it's not going to happen in Nanaimo. That's what Rigo has always done. If you ever want a gnarly day of skating, let Rigo be your tour guide. Rigo warmed up by doing wallies up to the upper part of the ledge, to the delight of freaked out ladies walking by. He landed this crail grab transfer (wallie into a crail grab, the little bank is so steep) down to the sidewalk, but wasn't satisfied.....and can figure out what happened next. This spot is freakin' gnarly!!!! Two little old ladies stopped to chat after the board went for a swim, they were pretty enchanted with Rigo the stunt man.

Not you.

Brandan Soros warms up with a kickflip. Now that the word's out on this spot, I'm sure someone will wheel this trailer across the street to skate it off a curb, then get it taken away. You might as well ruin everything for us bitches.

Thursday, February 8

Retard strikes again.

Which ever one of you little bitches TOOK the barricade out of the skatepark kindly bring it back. John was awesome enough to ask the city workers to find something like that for us, and the city was awesome enough to donate it to us. And you MORONS feel the need to transport it to the mini mall to skate it off a curb....and it's probably gone by now. So I suggest start saving your allowances to buy us a new one! Because I am going to find out who did this, and you are going to replace it. So if anyone wants to come forward and give some information, I won't slap you in the head.

That's right.

Nate Roline is better than you.

Wednesday, February 7


Holy crapola! Seattle has one of the most amazing indoor parks I have ever seen!!! Click here to watch the footage. Road trip to Seattle anyone???? Actually, as far as skatepark designs go, this is one of the best setups I've seen! Wowzee.

Don't you feel stupid now.

Weirdest thing I have ever seen. Well, one of the weirdest. It just goes to show, surfing is so easy even a rat can do it. You don't see skateboarding rats, although, you could fit about 20 on one board. That would be pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, February 6


Russ Milligan's debut pro model deck is now here!!!!! It comes with a copy of "crime in the city". That's right, a free DVD!!!!!! If you haven't seen any of the footage from this video...well, that's your loss. Go here to view some of the riders parts. And come on down to check out Russ' new pro deck. If you like boards made of wood, and pictures on the bottom, this board is for you!

Who the f#$k???

Thrasher Magazine often posts an article on their website titled "who the f#@K!!!?" This month it is a guy named Gordon Eckler. Here's the link to his video. Watch it. He is insane!!!! Skating really fast, and doing scary tricks is where it's at people. Dig it.

Monday, February 5


February is a fine month people. Rudy III premieres this month...February 24th, 8pm
Qualicum Beach Curling Rink. Be there. Maybe we can all curl a game afterwards too. DVD's will be available at the premiere...but I'm going to buy them all, and bring them back to the shop...and let you all look at them...they won't be for sale. Kidding.

Friday, February 2


The new DC Ryan Smith 1.5 is here!!! And it's fantastic!!! Slimmed down version of his first shoe, without that honkin' rubber toe cap!! It's pure suede baby!!! This shoe is going to fly off the wall, so get yours now!!! Do it!!!!

Rigo for city council.

New profile pictures up on PAT'S PAGE, and BRANDAN'S PAGE. Thanks Rigo for letting us use the photos.

Thursday, February 1

Crikey. won't even believe the shit this guy is doing!!!! All I can say is....It's about time somebody used this song.