Friday, March 30


The new Circa Allie "skate and destroy" shoe is now in the shop. And for those who don't know, DNA is the exclusive dealer of the C1rca "combat series" shoes...if you want them, we have the UNO, and can get any of the other models you want...only at DNA fools!!!!!

Wednesday, March 28

A town full of brains....maybe that's why there's so many zombies.

A bunch of geniuses rolled this giant log into the bowl. The skateboarders put it to use by skating over it. A bigger bunch of geniuses a.k.a. "city workers" decided to take this log, and all the other logs (used for benches) in the park away. Thanks to the first group of geniuses.

Tuesday, March 27

Posessed to skate.

Go to this link and watch Nyjah Houston's contest footage from last year. This kid is posessed or something.

Monday, March 26


If you missed the photo show at DNA saturday night (which most of you did), you still have a few weeks to view the pics. Come on down anytime during regular hours to check out the display of Rigo and Jays masterpieces.

Feast your eyes on this tasty lick.

Congratulations goes out to Jackson for winning himself a new Natural Koncept deck, and Es board bag. Thanks to everyone who entered, and come down to the shop to see what new deck will be raffled off in two weeks time.....something tasty. ( this picture is not of Jackson himself, it's my rendition of what he may have looked like at time of pick up )

Friday, March 23

Last chance for romance.

This is your last reminder to come and check out the Jay and Rigo photo show tomorrow night. 6pm - 9pm. Yes we are putting photos on the wall. No it's not just skateboarding pictures....just had to clarify that. I thought the poster was pretty self explanitory.

Thursday, March 22

Ruling ruler.

Sama Baca rules harder than you.

Wednesday, March 21

Rad shit.

Here's some girls that skate better than you do. How come girls don't skate in Canada?

Saturday, saturday, saturday.

Tuesday, March 20

This is why he's pro.

TED'S DEBUT PRO DECK IS NOW IN THE SHOP!!! Here's some old footage.

Monday, March 19

Sunday, March 18

For your own good.

Be careful my children.


Spring has sproinged. Let's celebrate by skateboarding.....well, I'll think about it, I'm at work cause Scott went to the godamn hockey game in Vancouver....godamn Scott.

Saturday, March 17

Ted for ruler of the earth.

Ted's debut Santa Cruz board comes out next week!!!!! Yippee!!! If you want to book one of them let me know, and I'll order you one. Go to the Santa Cruz website to check out a little interview with Ted about why he decided upon his graphics.

Thursday, March 15

Ain't no tom.

Rigo and "little Cruise" took advantage of the perfect day and headed up to courtney for some smooth concrete action. Brandan managed to pull off about 5 difficult tricks before Rigo grabbed his camera to snap this 360 varial heelflip...oh, sorry, "laserflip"...damn video games.


Please help us. We have waaaaay too much awesome product in the shop right now. Clothing and shoes have not stopped arriving all week. So come and buy some. We're retarded.

Wednesday, March 14

Celebration...come on!!!

The moment you've waited your whole life for....well, Dan Kelly has anyway, the Girl/Choco dvd boxset. It comes in early April, and will retail for around 70 schmacks. Limited quantities...reserve yours now, first come first deals, 70 bucks.

Tuesday, March 13

Lock up your daughters, Curtis is 21.

Curtis had his own birthday bash at the park yesterday. He celebrated by landing many crazy tricks.....nollie bigspin heelflip disaster revert in the bowl...ummm, what? Yeah, exactly, happy 21st birthday cowboy.

Monday, March 12

Sunshiny day. oh yeah.

Get your ass out, and skate.

Thursday, March 8

Brandan and kitsch sittin' in a tree.

Seems as though Mr. Brandan "tom cruise" Soros, and Sir. Rigo's photos are getting some more KITSCH love. Check it out.

Wednesday, March 7

Welcome home, my children.

Welcome Home now in the shop. For 20 bucks. Dig it. Or don't.

Fantastico mama mia.

Tuesday, March 6

Shane Cross. (1986-2007)

Shane Cross (flip,globe shoes,ricta,thunder,volcom) died last night in a motorcycle accident with Ali Boulala, who is in critical condition. It's a sad loss for the skateboarding world.


Been there, done that.

At the request of anonymous, here is Henry's part from Sight Unseen. Henry who? That's right, Henry Sanchez, another skate god who was decades ahead of his time. Doing kickflip noseblunt slides before people even knew what pier 7 was. One of the only ones in existence who can make an inward heelflip look good. Eat it up. yum.

Monday, March 5

Forgotten master.

Here's a goody from years ago. Transworlds "sight unseen", would have come out before "in bloom".....John Cardiel's skills were years beyond the time.

You can't wait, can you?

Soon. Very soon.

Do it now. Or don't.

Go to the Transworld site to watch some clips from the Globe Double Set contest. I think Sierra Fellers switch heelflip was the nicest trick I've ever seen on something that large. But that's just me. What do I know. Alot actually.

Saturday, March 3

What's really good?

If you haven't heard of the online magazine "What's Really Good?" you have now. WRG is a refreshing take on the skateboard industry, and skate related things, and such. It's one of the only sites that I check daily to see what's up. Our new friend Raj is one of the contributing bloggers, and is also our man for Diamond, Fillmore, Force Trucks, and Vehicle Skateboards. Check out his blog, he gives DNA lots of love (thanks Raj). is at the top of our links page, so check it daily for your dose of skate news. Werd to tha bird.

Friday, March 2