Wednesday, August 30

Island domination.

It's the year of the islanders indeed. The locals are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Keegan Sauder lands the cover of Thrasher!!!! Yes. What more can I say but yes. Jamie Thomas, give this man a raise...or at least a healthy bonus.

Tuesday, August 29

Jay's pic of the day...and other random junk.

So here's the scoop for the day. I finally got around to putting up Dave's profile. There were some outcries in the community, and I was told that if it wasn't up right away then snakes would lay eggs in my ears, then baby snakes would eat my brain. So here it is. Right here mang. The only thing is...I have no skate photos of Davey at the moment, so enjoy the ones I posted anyway. The pic of the day is a tasty Ipod Shifty Hop by our main man Joel Stevens. Dig it.

Monday, August 28

Harsh bargin bin barge 2006.

I'd like to thank everyone for making our "back to school bargin bin bash 2006" a huge success!! A huuuuge thanks goes to Russ Morland for being our #1 promoter and graphic designer, couldn't have done it with out you pal....put it on my tab. Thanks to Scotty Barnes for sticking out the 12 hours with me, and Jordan for being our slave for a day, the jacket looks hot. And special thanks to our Victoria mystery worker Lisa for putting in volunteer work, much much appreciated. This is a sign for things to come in the next year for DNA!!!! Ain't nobody gonna bring us down.

Friday, August 25

Gargantuan sale. To the max.

Don't forget about the big sale tomorrow!! All your back to school fashions!!!!

Wednesday, August 23

Focus your eyez.

If you haven't checked out the Focus Zine it, now. It's a site dedicated to photography, some of the photographers you know, some you don't. Skateboarding, non skateboarding, and skatenonboarding can be found here. Feel free to comment on the photos. Feel free to bitch about your life, anything goes. Just check it out....or spiders will lay eggs in your scalp, and baby spiders will hatch out of your head.

Tuesday, August 22

Just a it's not on your calender already.

need i say more.

Not so anonymous.

Well, I didn't think it would actually happen. But the person that left the poorly thought out comment about kickflips and popshuv's sent me a photo of themselves. We are no longer a site dedicated to the kickflip's and the popshuvs of the world. We have diverse content now folks. I now pledge to you, to dedicate more of my time to bring you more variety and thought provoking articles. So thank you "anonymous" for pointing out our monotonous content. This is for you "bro".

Monday, August 21

Yeah that's right, we know him.

Our qualicum neighbor Trevor Ribeyre landed a photo in the new Concrete Powder Photo it is....I scanned it for your viewing pleasure. Good work Trevor, we love you.

Photo installment #2.

Wow...two jay photos in one day. I must be bored, and really love myself. But the truth of the matter is that..yeah, I rule. Here's pics from our session last friday night at the "south gate annihilator" gap. I call it that because it is an uphill landing, and it rips the shit out of your palms when you bail. Dig it. Marten's kickflip was so beautiful I almost cried....and when I broke my board, I cried then. - Jay Z-pop shove [o]Russel morland. - Marten-kickflip [o]russel.

Pic for the day that is today. Monday.

I came across this old photo looking through a pile of random pics I found in a shoe box. Skating the infamous Sidney big red....i just gave it that nickname. One of the worst parks in the world...but fun. This rail, not so fun to push run up, if that...more like half a push. My first go I managed to slide down most of it on my ribs. Second attempt was a success. [o]Nate Cunnings. 2001.

Sunday, August 20

Sunday is a funday...but not for i will be in two hours.

Myself and Mat the dreaded one had a fun session at the bowl last week. Looking for new ways to skate the bowl, and new lines makes the bowl a new spot. Here's some photos of us skating from the little hip into the taco. And a beauty of a shot of Mat's backside ollie on the wavy pipe. Photo's courtesy of Chelsea Brown..pretty damn freakin'good for her second time ever shooting skating.

Saturday, August 19

A sale so freakin' huge we had to cut the poster into two.

So there it is people. Pretty self explanitory. So don't ask me dumb questions like, "are hoodies going to be on sale?"...or.."is there going to be cheap hats?" the flyer. No questions asked.

Friday, August 18

Can you dig it? yes i can.

Dig it.

Thursday, August 17

Turdsday pic.

Pure savage. Anyone who has skated the bowl rail knows that it is one of the sketchiest rails to skate. Just making up the 45 degree bank three feet before the rail is the sketchy part. But "bowl local" Brandon has this rail dialed. He throw's down a back smith all for the sake of me learning how to use a camera.

Rowley ain't no square.

New Vans shoes in. The new "rowley squares"..the most amazing shoe ever constructed is here. The "rowley Motorhead" shoe is here too, these boys were "built for speed"(hahaha)...believe it. A new colour of the Dustin Dollin shoe, and some of those slip on jives. Come check it out, or chickens will lay eggs in your stomach, and the eggs will hatch, and you'll die.

Wednesday, August 16

A time to shine.

It's here people. The new Transworld video "A Time To Shine." Yoiks this video is unreal. Here's a bit of the trailer for you to peep. Peep it.

Sunday, August 13

Qualicum is not scum.

How could I forget our Qualicum brothers? If you've never checked out the Rudysucks website, do it. The link is under "websites we like". Here's a little vid of some fine skating done by Pat, and Trevor, and Chris from their over seas trip. Dig it.

Friday, August 11


[o]jay z.

soros doing a backside heelflip.


Thursday, August 10

It's dank.

Skating at UVic is hit or miss, sometimes you can skate all day without a hassle, others 2 mins and your time is up. After a good 10 bolt landings to crack tosses I stuck it and rode away. Switch Frontside Flip at UVic. [o] K

Tuesday, August 8

You better fuckin' believe it.

New team pictito's.

I have posted new team member pics. You can view them by going to the team pages...duh. Mat,Jay Z,John "lady shorts",Scott all have new photos up and ready for your viewing pleasure....for all 5 people that frequent this site. Enjoy.

Monsieur Manual.

New Manual boards are here!! New shapes!! New sizes!! 7.5,7.75,and yes Jason, even 8.0's. So snag yours today...they won't last.

Monday, August 7

Monday funday...except for Jay, he's working.

It's holiday monday today. I'm working....boooooo. Get out there and skate people, it's a beautiful day. Here's a pic of Jesse Berg from Courtney. 180 over a nice sized push run up, hard to skate, but fun as hell. [o]jay zed.

Sunday, August 6

Lazy sundays.

[o]jay z.
Heelflip by Soros' good ankle.
No crazy news to report today. The day that is lazy Sunday. Soros tweaked his ankle on Saturday night filming at a cool spot. Get better buddy. Better buddy? Butter betty?'s a photo for y'all anyway. I'd like to dedicate this one to Brandan's ankle.

Saturday, August 5

RDS skatepark is out like trout.

[o]Doron 360 flip wall plant.
Yes the rumours were confirmed a few weeks ago. The RDS indoor skatepark is no more. You can read more about the situation here. But to be brutally honest here, the park just didn't have a good setup that would attract most skateboarders..even in the rain. And the location was just too far for most to find the motivation to commute. Major thanks go out to Centre Distribution and Ultimate distribution for making the park last as long as it did. I don't even want to get started on the skatepark designer that will go un-named who continues to make the most horrible skateparks on earth....he needs to be stopped....or at least do some reasearch into what skateboarders are actually skating in 2006. Anyway...sidetracked...i got a little heated....that's it..that's all. RDS skatepark is shut down...a few people are sad, but more are wondering why it lasted as long as it did.

Tall cans of ice tea. And a hot tub with the boys.

The DNA skate crew was out and about town last night shooting photos. Stay tuned for some pics this weekend. Some time. Here's a typed recap of the night to keep you entertained until photos are available.... Mat skates really fast, and can skate sketchy obstacles in the dark. Soros is an all terrain assasin, and can smooth talk ladies into letting us skate a spot. John shouldn't wear shorts, not even his girlfriends...although they enabled him to frontside flip a gigantic flat gap. Jay doesn't like the feel of his new shoes, again. Felix is still german. Rigo got an optical fish lens for his photographic capturing device. Jordan is going camping for a week. Dan showed up late, and left early. And Russ finally has his flashes working properly, and can take amazing photos.

Thursday, August 3

2006. Year of the Ted.

Everybody's favorite local hometown hero, Ted Degros, has a part in the new 411 video...and let me tell's outstandingly fantastic. Something in that Degros blood that makes them super human skateboarders. So come on down and get your copy of the new 411. $25 buckeroonies. It's worth it just for Ted's part.