Wednesday, October 31

Episode 1

Here is the first episode of the Cannonball Run 2 tour!!!! Enjoy.....especially Curtis' nollie noseslide nollie flip out down a 12 stair hubba....yoips!!!! ( if it's taking too long, CLICK HERE to watch it. )

Tuesday, October 30


I have an important announcement to make........caaaaaanonballllll!!!

Sunday, October 28

Vintage pioneer.

I came across this photo of Jimmy from the grand opening day of pioneer park.

Friday, October 26

did and does.

Ever wanted your own ramp? Mat did, and he does.

Thursday, October 25

Sun, son.

Sunshiney day.

Tuesday, October 23

Blood bro's.

Right after landing this, me and Brandan cut our hands and became blood brothers.

Monday, October 22


Fun halloween skate jam at Leeside in obstacles, rain or shine....cause it's under a bridge.

Friday, October 19


Our homie Raj Mehra (Mehrathon Trading) has his new site up and running. Go here to check it out. And expect some of his new fancy products in our shop soon.

Thursday, October 18

Skating with a cracked rib is no fun.

I came across this old footage of me the other day. It was before the new vic west park was even built. I was skating with a cracked rib.....don't ever skate with a cracked rib...not fun. But I had some pals out from Alberta, and they wanted some footage to take I skated for 10 minutes to get this footage...then probably crawled into the bushes and cried. (take note of the ghetto fish eye lens....pawn shop special...10 bucks.)

Monday, October 15 1

Here's the first installment of the Meridian "Cannonball Run Tour 2" that came through the island this summer. Keep your eye out for Pat Hooney's and Trevor Ribeyre's cameo's.....and Curtis' few tricks.....yes, that's a triple flip rock fakie. Thanks to Craig Williams for being so nice to DNA.


Hope everyone is making most of our extended dry weather!!!

Tuesday, October 9


Here's some vintage footage from vic west. Brett Lawson, Colby Spence, and that order......edited by Don Elliot.

Last days for now.

Hope y'all enjoyed the last of the nice days.

Monday, October 8

Totally extreme to the max.

Happy Thanksgiving people. We celebrated with a sunny day at the skatepark....and Mat celebrated by pretending he was on a snowboard.

Saturday, October 6

Good sense.

Jesse is the man who discovered this gem of a craptacular spot. Thanks Jesse for taking us there. You all thank him when you see him. Jesse can do more tricks than you.

Friday, October 5

More Kitsch.

Fresh batch of Kitsch decks, and other assorted goodies coming in today!!! That's right.

Thursday, October 4


New Concrete Powder on the way next week! Cory Wilson (Kitsch) has an interview. Dig it.

Tuesday, October 2

Skate the board.

It's dry, get out and skate the board.

Monday, October 1

New Confusion Mag.

The new issue of Confusion is out.....and should arrive at the shop any day now.