Wednesday, January 31

Eat it.

More pics from our Sunday session.(pics of "little hollywood" on the way) Thanks Rigo, we love you.

Tuesday, January 30

Keep yer' eyes peeled.

I eyed this spot from the highway, so me and Rigo rounded up The Riv, and Soros ( a.k.a. "little hollywood"), and had some fun. It took a little sweeping, and a little getting use to a soft wooden landing, but within minutes Curtis was landing nollie heelflips, backside double kickflips, and nollie 360 kickflips. Little Hollywood was throwing down his patented 360 ninja flips, and varial heelflips. The day was cut short by the 4:30 sunset and chilly weather.....oh how I'm dreaming of you summer.

Monday, January 29

Taa daa.

The moment you've all been waiting for....the anouncement of the new DNA team member....well crap, you all know it's Curtis. So surprise anyway. Curtis skates for Natural Koncept, and Delinquency Apparel. He is one of the most chill, humble skateboarders I have ever met, and definately deserves to be part of the DNA street terror squad. There is no doubt that good things will be happening for Curtis by the time spring hits. Anyone who has seen him skate live knows he is not human. He's one of those skateboarders you just want to sit down and watch, cause he is so consistent, and so damn good it's basically a one man demo when he steps on his board. So welcome to the team Curtis...........p.s....more photos on the way. I think his sponsors are hungry for some photos, so I can't use them all for our site.

More fantasticness.

Here's some more photos for your beady little eyes to feast upon. Since there was 3 of us taking photos, we all shot the same tricks, from different angles, how extreme is that? Totally.

Sunday, January 28

Yip yip.

So the last indoor session of the winter went down last night, and it was a spectacular turn out to say the least. Wow Nanaimo, that's all I have to say, wow. Pat yourself on the back, hold those chins high, and think to yourself quietly, job well done. Here's some photos from the session.....more on the way. Toodles!

Lord of the lords.

Matix held their "lord of the lines" contest over the last few days...or week...who knows...i'm a little slow on what's happening in the glorious world of skateboarding...but what I do know is Dennis Busenitz skates at mach 10, Joey Brezinski is a 9th level tech wizard, and Ronnie Creager will be the best till he dies...he's like 85 years old or something.Click on this sentence to view the footage. (camera work is a little shaky, but you get the idea)

Friday, January 26

Fundraiser for a homey.

SCOTT BARNES WRITES - "One of my oldest buddies, Graeme Owsianski, found out he has cancer a few months ago and we're all pretty shook up about it, so we're throwing a fundraiser down in Vic for him at Lucky Bar on Feb.5th. Colby and Aden are involved doing all the shirts and such, and he's a long time skater/photographer. He's definitely in the posse. The only reason I started skating was because of his board actually. We'd steal it from his house to roll Adam's huge saxophone home on after school, then we'd just flail around on it with no idea what we were doing for the afternoon, and we got hooked. Hilarious way to start I guess."Check out his photography here. It's amazing!!!! So for those who are 19+, come down to Victoria and support the cause.

Thursday, January 25


Russ Milligan's part from the City video is ready for viewing...and it's crazy insano. He skates switch more than he skates his regular way, crazy. Click here to watch crazy takes a minute to load.

Tuesday, January 23

Uh, yeah.

Fantastico guy.

This is Cory Wilson. Cory was skating with us on Saturday night. Cory is good. Cory is a super duper nice guy. Perfect for the Kitsch team.

Monday, January 22

No comprende.

This new generation of skateboarders continues to boggle my mind to the point of insanity. Not only are they getting better faster, but at such a young age. The Tampa Am contest went down during the last week, and pretty much 85 percent of the skater were under the age of 16.....exactly...what? Check out one of the runs by 1st place winner Filipe Gustavo who is already skating at a pro level, and has no big name sponsors....and you'll understand my point. Damn kids. Click here.

The best of times.

Saturday's session was a hit. People had fun. We laughed. We cried. It was the best of times. A huge thanks for the Kitsch guys coming over to skate, you guys rule. I don't have any pictures from that session here's Mat....who couldn't attend the session...jerk.

Friday, January 19

Analog Europea. know who's crazy? The Analog Clothing team..that's who. Here's a tasty lick.

Thursday, January 18

Wednesday, January 17

Monday, January 15

Kitsch funtime skate session.

Yo. Check it. The Kitsch Skateboards team will be joining us ( minus Jesse Booi ) at this Saturday nights session. Yup, that's right. This Saturday January 20th from 8:30pm - 11:30pm, the Kitsch team will gleaming the cube at the Centenial Building. Geoff Dermer, Brad Sheppard, and Cory Wilson will be performing a choreographed "skate dance" routine titled "the glory of it all". I'm kidding about the skate dance routine, but these fine fellows will be skating, and hanging out with us at this weeks indoor session. So invite a friend, tell all the skateboarders you know. It's going to be a rock n' roll Nanaimo good time. A huuuuuge thanks to Russ Morland for making this possible...put er' on my tab.

.....p.s....the session is free of charge. I know you guys like free stuff.

Thursday, January 11


Just two more sleeps till the next indoor session!! A reminder to bring your 5 dollar entry fee, so that we can keep having these great sessions. And don't forget this session starts at don't bother the people in there before us!!!!!!!

Fackin' Vancouver.

Here's a dandy of a video from the Matix Grateful Shred tour....remember that demo? Yeah, no, because it got rained out....fackin' Vancouver.

Tuesday, January 9

Diggin' it.

Here's some more photos from last Saturday's session. Don't forget that this Saturday the session starts at 8:30pm. Dig it.

Monday, January 8

Park skills? uh.....yeah.

You think you've got some skatepark skills? Well, here's Ted Degros' part from the Victorian Touch II video....years, and years, and years ago. (for all the gordon head skatepark fans out there.)


Pure Madness. I love it.

Well, it was another record setting turnout for Saturday's session. There was close to 50 people that came out for a good time. Lots of new faces, hope to see you all this Saturday January 13th, 8:30-11:30pm this time. Here's a few shots courtesy of Rigo...more on the way.

p.s....we will be collecting 5 bucks/person next session.

Friday, January 5


Don't forget, indoor skate session Saturday night. 7:30pm - 10:30pm. Bring your skateboard.

p.s....I switched up the photo..sorry Russ, I was out of photos.

Thursday, January 4


It has been brought to our attention by a PARKS AND REC EMPLOYEE that some skateboarders were drinking alcohol outside of the indoor session on Saturday night. They were nice enough to give us a warning. And the retards drinking were nice enough to leave the mess for Scott to clean up. You know who you are, we know who you are. I don't think you realize how big a favour the parks and rec guys are doing us by renting us the building, show them, and us some godamn respect. Next time anyone is seen drinking on the premises, we are going to be kicked out for good. Does that register in your head???? Good, because if we even see anyone drinking alcohol, your gone, done, not coming back. Don't dig that?? THEN DON'T COME!!!!!!

Ship jumper.

Rob Welsh has jumped ship over to Expedition....single tear. Santa Cruz had the dream team. Well, they still pretty much do, but Expedition just got that much better.

No guff.

Our on staff photographer with no pay, Rigo "Reegs" Gonzalez, is nice enough to supply me endless amounts of free photos. ( Sir Russel Morland too!!). Thank you guys for that, much appreciated....we wouldn't have this blogsite without you guys!!! Here's some more pics from last weeks session. The foreigners coming through for Rigo....well, Gabriola is foreign enough.

Wednesday, January 3

We provide warmth and shelter.

Here's some more pics of peeps at the indoor session last Saturday. Don't forget to come out this Saturday January 6th for another great session brought to you by DNA. Doors open at 7:30pm, first timers bring 5 bucks for entry fee. This session is FREE for all those who have paid their 5 bucks at previous sessions.


Magazines online? Where you can actually turn the pages? Are we living in the future? Yes we are. Skateboard has introduced this high tech online magazine. What's going to be on the next page? Flip the page and find out!!! It's craaaayseee. There is an awesome Kitsch article in the first issue, and DNA gets a little mention. So just click on the magazine cover below, and check it out!!!


From what I hear, last Saturday's indoor session was neat-O. Here are a few pics from Sir. Gonzalez. More to come. Feast your eyes.

Tuesday, January 2

Ted is pro.

Guess what? Ted Degros is Santa Cruz's newest PRO!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!! Believe it. He deserves it.
.......if you haven't seen Ted's part from the North video years ago, it is, still one of my favorite videos of all time...especially Ted's part.

Cali anyone?

Here's a little tasty video for you to feast your eyes on this dreary day. Click me now, okay. The first run in this video clip is pretty much the coolest spot ever....okay, one of the coolest.