Friday, October 27

Godamn shoes.

So many godamn shoes here now. Please come and get some.

Thursday, October 26


Epic bowl sessions going down lately. I am a bowl local now. I wasn't jumped in though. [o]Pat Hooney - 360 flip, [o]Jay Z - Varial Kickflip. Pics by the fabulously magnificent Rigo Gonzales.

Monday, October 23

Dan Kelly for city council.

So it seems we are in for some radical changes at the north end park!! The perimeter of the park is being considerably extended to allow the skating of previously unskateable objects. Also the five stair rails are going to be replaced with rails that are skateable!!!! And the new asphalt will come up high enough so that skating over the five stair rails is possible. You can all thank Dan Kelly, give him a big hug, because he is up there as I write this supervising the construction. There is also talks of getting some new concrete benches with angle iron....believe it. We love you Dan Kelly.

Soros for president pt. 2

Brandan Soros will be leaving Tuesday for the big city. Big city lights, big city women, big city dreams. His dreams of becoming a first rate male hooker. Good luck to ya Brandan, and you will be missed. I'll be over to skate with you every weekend.

Sunday, October 22

Soros for president.

ummmmmm.....Brandan Soros is really good. He pretty much put on a one man demo on the new barricade toy. Here is some sequences for you. A kickflip backside nose grind, and a nollie heelflip nose slide. Oh, he also did a kickflip backlip (four times in a row for my camera), a backside noseblunt slide, front blunt, kickflip back tail, kickflip front nose grind, my brain had shut down at that point. I'll post all the other photos soon...for now, dig these sequences.

Wednesday, October 18

Why are you so far away? why.

I can't believe I haven't skated the new toy yet. I am sad. I am sad the park is so far away, and the Nanaimo transit system is a complete farce. I am sad that it's raining today. But this picture of "the timms" makes me happy. Rigo's pictures make me happy. "the timms" about to touch down a backside bluntslide. [o]rigo.

Tuesday, October 17

I'm a ramblin' man.

If you haven't noticed, and I'm sure you haven't...because nobody looks at the site anymore.....there is an archive's link to the corresponding months. It was getting to be a little much having all the posts on one page. So there you have it. Take a browse through the ramblings from the shop.

Wednesday, October 11


New decks are here from Concyse skateboards....just in time for winter. But seriously, there is plenty of sunshine in the forcast. So come on down and set up a concyse deck. Each Concyse deck comes with a free concyse T-Shirt. Can't beat that deal with a big stick. Go to the concyse website pronto.

Tuesday, October 10

Your second chance dummy.

If you missed your first chance to get your grubs on a Kitsch board, here's you second. Kitsch decks are once again gracing our deck wall, I know you were all in panic mode, but don't worry, the universe is once again complete. The boards are getting rave reviews from our local plank stars. And if you want a cheap poor mans way of getting a piece of artwork from Russ Morland, come and buy a Kitsch deck and hang it on your wall, you cheap bastard. Kitsch website here, silly.

Monday, October 9

Summer in our hearts.

Sunny days are still upon us, and in the forcast, but our winter stock has started arriving. New Matix, Lakai, DVS, C1rca, and plenty more brands are on the way. Come down and get yourself a nice toasty warm Matix Zip Up. You might not beable to score yourself a hot date for the weekend, but at least you'll look good in your new hoody playing monopoly with the family.

Thursday, October 5

Weather you like it or not.

I added the Nanaimo weather forcast in the "websites we like" link section. So you can check out the weather and plan your fun filled skate days around it. There is plenty of sunshine in the forcast for next skate your face off.

Ramp locals.

Plenty of new photos on the "ramp locals" page. Check it out. You down with the ramp locals?

Tuesday, October 3

Pat is too nice.

Pat risks it all and goes for a 5.0, and bombs into the mouth of the dark enchanted forest. This was the last we ever saw of Pat. [o]photo by Russ Morland. And Brandan logs his first photo back from the land over yonder. Pulls a pirate sized heelflip, putting this ball diamond to use. [o]photog also by Russ Morland.

Monday, October 2

We love you.

So it's been a productive day for the DNA blogsite. It must mean the shop is dead...or I'm motivated. A little of both actually. I just thought it would be rad to have a whole page dedicated to our friends, fans, lovers, bro's, bro-ette's, and Robbie. Just to show you guys I give a shit. Click here to see your ugly mug.

DNA Mellow Tranny Training Facility.

DNA now has a new team profile. It's for our good friend, "the dna ramp". It will serve as our rainy day/winter team hang out. I'll put up all the nice pictures I obtain from this top secret location. It will serve as a training ground for our team members who are out of touch with their tranny skills....which is all of us. Check out the ramp page here foo.

Sunday, October 1

Qualicum connection.

This is an official welcome to the team blog for Dan Higgins. I don't have enough photos for a team profile for him yet, so I'll show you what I snapped off at the park yesterday of Dan. This kid has an amazingly relaxed style, and a super humble attitude. He's part of the Qualicum connection, and I swear it's something in the water out there that is breeding super human skateboarders. So welcome to the team Danny, you're the perfect addition. [o]360 flip over manny pad.