Thursday, May 31

Sunday funday.

Sunday was a good day for photos. Chris gets down and dirty.

Wednesday, May 30

Jays pic of Jay part 2.

Keeping with a backside theme, and the one push theme (for anyone who's skated these spots) here's another photo from our Sunday night adventure. A hop skip and a jump over a ledge.

Tuesday, May 29

Jays pic of Jay today.

So I'm racking up the sponsors for the summer video contest. I'll be making up some entry forms this week, with details on what criteria the judges will be looking for. So start'll be guaranteed some big prizes.

Monday, May 28

DC Nationals reminder.

Don't forget, the DC Nationals local qualifying contest is coming up...June 16th, 1pm at Pioneer Park. Spread the word bird.

Saturday, May 26

Aaaaaahhhh yeah.

Invermere BC is in the process of building a fantastic looking park. Summer road trip? Huh? Aaaaahhhhhhhh yeah.

Friday, May 25

Fancy feet Curtis.

I just came across a nice little tour video that The Riv was on last year...all the footage is from Vic West....Curtis' feet are magical, with all that late flip jazz.

Thursday, May 24

DC Nationals

Feel like trying out for the DC Nationals this year? Yeah you do. June 16th, 1pm, Pioneer Park. Brought to you by DNA and Alternative Groove. Entry forms will be available at both shops in the next few weeks. Entry is free. I'll post more info when available.

El Spaino.

Let's all share this moment together. Patrick is leaving us for a month for the skate mecca of Spain. Bastard. Oh yeah, Brandan went too. Bastards.

Monday, May 21

Sunday, May 20

Russ strikes again.

So it seems our pal Russ Morland just got that much sexier. He just added Nixon Watches, and Electric Sunglasses to his list of sponsors. A shout out to our rep Dirk Yarmush for making this happen.

Saturday, May 19

Kids are nuts.

The DNA squad put on a demo a while back for the boys and girls clubs of Nanaimo. Fun was had by all, autographs were signed, kids were crazy, it was great. Thanks to my pal Trevor for setting it up.

Wednesday, May 16


Here's some awesome footage from the Girl/Chocolate Euro tour.

Tuesday, May 15

Jay goes gardening.

Jay Z helping out the community schools by doing a little gardening.

Holla bolla.

Spots, spots are everywhere.

Monday, May 14


Make the trip out'll be worth it just to see Curtis skate mini ramp.

Friday, May 11

Ted Degros x 2.

Ted Degros' second pro deck will be arriving next week!!! And it's a 7.5 for those who want to support Ted, but don't skate bigger decks. He's got an amazing little check in section on the new Strange Notes DVD....which is free at the shop....go here to watch it if you don't want to walk down here and grab a copy.

DNA Hoods. The goods.

New DNA hoodies are time weather. That's how we roll. Hard.

Dig it. now. Concrete Skateboarding mag in now. Dig it.

Tuesday, May 8

Holy frike!!!!!!

...I guess I should have mentioned the Girl/Chocolate DVD boxset arrived last week. It's going to go freakin' fantastically fast!!!....and for only $69.00.

Ruling ruler.

Seen the old Board Kennel vids? Brad rules.

Kitsch koverage.

The new concrete skate mag arrives in a few weeks, with an article on Geoff Dermer and Brad for it.

For Robbie.

Robbie wanted everyone to see this new Zero promo vid. Yay Sheldon, yay Keegan!!! Canada represent. Go here fool.


New Digital video...coming soon. soon. soon.

Friday, May 4

"I'm lighter than feathers....chinchilla sweaters..."

.........probably the raddest thing I've ever seen. I'm at a loss for words. Thanks Raj.

Rainy nights, and sunny days.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Dudes. And dudettes.

Eight Figures.

There's a new clothing brand in town. It's called Eight Figures, and is masterminded by a nice bloke named Dat. Come on down and check out the shirts, and support another local brand.

Thursday, May 3

Video video. yo.

We have decided to reactivate the video contest. But this will not be for a spot on the DNA squad. It's just a video contest....with prizes. I'll post more details later this week....and round up a ton of sponsors to donate prizes for your hard work.

Wednesday, May 2

No blues here.

Port Moody Blues. Geoff Dermer.

Word em up.

Apparantly there was a bowl contest yesterday. From what I hear, Pat and Marten won their age catagories respectively. Pat, enjoy that snoop dogg cd.

Tuesday, May 1


Sk8Mafia. Kellen James, Larelle Gray, and Dorian Gray are amazing. We have access to Sk8mafia decks and wheels if anyone is interested.

Circa Tour.

May 16th-18thth in Vancouver - Peter Ramondetta, Geoff Dermer, Jon Allie, Colt Cannon, Tony Tave, Sierra Fellers, Dennis Durrant, Danny Cerezini, David Reyes, Grant Patterson, Julian Davidson, Magnus Hanson, Scott Decenzo, and Nate Roline..........stay tuned for location and times.